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Nicole English came in from Hays, KS (5 hours/ 260 miles) wednesday night, after finishing teaching her classes at Fort Hays State University, to vote absentee in person in Kansas City, Missouri, then head back to Hays after to get for her Friday classes. Here is a quick documentation for her. Photo, copyright 2020 Mike Strong, with full permissions for Nicole English.
Nicole - in from Hays to vote in person, absentee
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Voting Absentee in Person

We are serious about voting. Haven't missed a vote for anything in more decades than we are admitting. Nicole drove 5+ hours to vote and 5+ hours back to teach her classes.

Creative Intersections concert in Hyde Park
Cameron Thomas in "Sutra"
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Creative Intersections!

Outside, masked and socially distanced.Creative Intersections was a free performance program of brand new choreography from Kansas City-based artists Saturday, Sunday October 10 and 11, 2020 in Hyde Park at the maze 3701 Gilham.

Previous Juneteenth

Juneteenth at Unity on the Plaza June 19th 2019
Young dancer with Soundz of Africa at Unity on the Plaza
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Juneteenth 2019 at Unity on the Plaza

Unity on the Plaza with Traditional Music Society's Soundz of Africa
June 19, 2019

Psalm Gadson and Marcus Johnson in Bound - Sat 29th in Topeka
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Setting the Stage - 2020
KC and Topeka

KCFAA - 27 February 7 pm The GEM, KCMO and
29 February 6 pm Washburn University, Topeka, KS

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"Representing Dance" Shooting Dance

(video 1.5 hours)

Subject Knowledge is your most important camera skill.
And ... technique with examples

John Skowronski takes a picture of Toni Dodd and Phil Cacioppo after shoot at Allegro Ballroom Saturday 3 February 2018, evening.

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"Why White Men Can't Dance"

A mockumentary by Phil Cacioppo
Shot by Mike Strong (most)
Composer: Allen Meyers


(video 1.5 hours)

Subject Knowledge is your most important camera skill.
And ... technique with examples