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Neither the test nor the event live streamed.

So, the last alternate plan. Render to a file and just upload the file to YouTube

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Saturday 29 August, 2015 - 4 pm to 7 pm, dinner after

Nritya, School of Indian Dance and Music
Presents the
Bharatanatyam Arangetram
of Navya Nataraj

Guru: Smt. Hema Sharma
Guru: Jayashree George
Student: Kavya Nataraj
Compere (emcee): Janaki Sharma
Vocals - Shri. Raja Govindarajan
Vocals - Shri. Viswa Moan Ammula
Mridangam - Shri Shivanand Murthy
Flute - Shri. Sai Kishore Ravisankar
Violin - Shri. - Shri Mukundan Srinivasan

Chief Guest - Sarah Hyde Schmiedeler

Shanmuga Kautuam and Thirupugazh
Padam: Bho Shambo
Padam: Prana Nadhan
Mayail (Peacock) Dance
Slokam and Thilliana

Tango from Allegro Studio with Jesse Lopez and Madelaine Widgren

Camelot Ballroom

With Platinum Express Band

If you can't see a thumbnail in the frame above: Click here

"Dance On" with Billie Mahoney
-- Setting Up at KCB --

Since April 2011 I've been shooting a television program with Billie Mahoney shown on Time Warner Cable called Dance On. It runs 29-min 30-sec. Billie started this program in 1981 in New York City. She interviews guests who are dancers, choreographers and others related to the field.

From the biggest names to the smallest she shows every guest is awesome and has a great deal to contribute. Dance is hard labor: hard physical labor and hard mental labor and dancers are very thoughtful and very articulate and very enthused about what they do and what it means to them.

For a long time I've promised that I would turn my cameras on me to show what I do to turn the conference room at KCB into a "television studio" and a (very tiny) sense of what the show looks like. Maybe later a sampler from the show with a set of brief extracts, depending.

The music as an old piece of generated music using Sony's Cinescore set to create klezmer music. It is really a tad too fast for what I intended but YouTube flagged my first choice ("Istanboogie") so I pulled that and substituted this one, which I could only find in an abbreviated version as the background music from a 2009 Fringe show with dance stills where I shot in the music and then edited to music (see it here) in a bit called "The Miniature Housewife" by Danielle Conover.

The title is a bit of a play on me as most of my gigs are at night, usually in very dark places. I've gotten so used to night gigs where I can't see a thing that last year when I was shooting a wedding for a friend, in Loose Park, I went out for two weeks to practice shooting again in the daylight. Really! Getting used to the light that nearly every other photographer shoots in and which I used to shoot in all the time.

This video was shot with a Nikon D-7100 DSLR. Sony FX-1000s (in the thumbnail frame) are used to shoot the program itself.

And, yup, that is me in there, not a super model, though I realize you've already made that mistake :-))) Cheers, Mike.

Malerie Moore
Malerie Moore in Project Premiere

Project Premiere

American Youth Ballet - JCCC

Malerie Moore

Concept Zero June 2015

"with/out words"

In The Spot - Caroline Fogg, Alesandra Perdichizzi, Chris Peacock, Shacura Wade, John Swapshire, John Roberts

Festival On The Vine
Crisol ac DANZA FUSON 8pm/The GEM

Three days of celebration with companies from KC, Denver and Mexico. This was a great set of performances.

In The Spot - Caroline Fogg, Alesandra Perdichizzi, Chris Peacock, Shacura Wade, John Swapshire, John RobertsEdgar Anido (front) and Caroline Fogg (behind) in Desire by Garry Abbott during the last studio run, tuesday the 19th

Wylliams Henry May 2015

Concert Fri/Sat May 22 and 23, 7:30 pm curtain

In The Spot - Caroline Fogg, Alesandra Perdichizzi, Chris Peacock, Shacura Wade, John Swapshire, John Roberts
Alec Roth (prince) lifts Molly Cook ( white swan 2pm)

Swan Lake May 2015

American Youth Ballet

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Sun, August 30, 2015

 Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Classes (sun)  Map (Dance, Lesson, Workshop)
Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Classes by Jarod Coleman and Natalia A. Gonzalez

Sundays from 2pm-4pm at City In Motion Dance School

2pm-3pm Beginning Salsa Shines and Turn Patterns
3pm-4pm Intermediate Salsa Shines and Turn Patterns

$10 dollars per class or purchase 10 classes up front and get two free (A savings of $20)

Private Lessons: $50 per hour or purchase a package of 10 lessons and get two extra lessons for free. (A $120 dollar value for $100 dollars)

Location: City In Motion Dance School
      3925 Main Street
      Kansas City, MO 64111

Contact us at (913)-980-2190
EML.1: jarod.coleman@gmail.com
 Camelot Ballroom (sun)  Map (Dance)
Dances are held every Sunday from 2 pm - 4 pm. The cost is $7.00 per person. So come out and enjoy a good time with us. For more information call 913-897-4622. www.camelotballroom.com Private lessons available upon request
URL.1: camelotballroom.com
EML.1: dance@camelotballroom.com
Hula hoop dance
 Beginner to Intermediate Hoop Dance (sun)  Map (Dance, Lesson)
New Beginner to Intermediate Hoop Dance Classes- Enrolling NOW!

WHAT: A beginner to intermediate hoop dance class

WHERE: City In Motion Dance Theater.
3925 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64111-1916

WHAT TIME: Sundays at Noon-1:15

WHEN WILL THE SESSION START? starting October 10th to December 5th

PRICING AND LENGTH: All participants will need to sign up for the entire NINE WEEK SESSION for $135.

BONUS OFFER: If you get a friend to sign up with you, you each will receive $15 off the total cost$ That is $120 rather then $135 so it's worth convincing a friend!

Contact me as soon as possible to RESERVE YOUR SPOT. I will send you a PayPal invoice and you can pay directly online. If this method is problematic for you please contact me.

(No refunds my darlings, but I don't for see this being a problem)

Thanks everyone!
EML.1: brie@lunabreezeperformance.com


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