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Two sheep for the AYB Nutcracker 2015
Demetia Hopkins in "Cry"

Ailey Trio at KCFAA

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January 14th 2016 with ribbon cutting to name the studio as David T. Beals III Studio at 18th and Vine

Two sheep for the AYB Nutcracker 2015

Two sheep for the AYB Nutcracker 2015

Nutcracker 2015 American Youth Ballet

December 19th and 20th, 2015 - click on picture for web page
Three Performances
Sat. 2 pm
Sat. 7 pm
Sun. 2 pm

Billie Mahoney opens the door of Bolender Center to let me out, pushing my cart to my car, on a rainy day in summer.
Billie Mahoney opens the door of Bolender Center to let me out, pushing my cart to my car, on a rainy day in summer. - click on picture for web page

"Dance On" with Billie Mahoney
-- Setting Up at KCB --

Since April 2011 I've been shooting a television program with Billie Mahoney shown on Time Warner Cable called Dance On. It runs 29-min 30-sec. Billie started this program in 1981 in New York City. She interviews guests who are dancers, choreographers and others related to the field.

This page includes a video with my regular preparation to setup the show and pictures of Billie with guests, a visit to New York for a Luigi documentary and odd bits and pieces.

Cable Channel 17 - Dance On weekday schedule
Each show is 29 minutes 30 seconds long
There are normally two shows back to back,
program 1 followed by program 2
Day of Week Start Time Program No
  9 am 1
  9:29:30 am 2
  3 pm 1
  9 am 1
  9:29:30 am 2
  3 pm 1
  3:29:30 pm 2
  9 am 1
  9:29:30 am channel promo
  9:30:06 am 2
  3 pm 1
  3:29:30 pm 2


Festival on the Vine - Cleo Parker Robinson dancer in - For the Love of ...

Festival On The Vine

Presented by Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey
June 19, 20, 21, 2015 (thu, fri, sat)
The GEM Theater and 18th and Woodland

This festival cut across several days of performances at The GEM and street festival at 18th and Woodland. There were local companies and companies from Denver and Guadalajara, Mexico. And there were panels with choreographers and dancers. All I can say is "Yuh shudda bin there."


Cleo Parker Robinson (Denver)
Crisol ac Danza Azteca Fusion (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Owen / Cox Dance Company (KCMO)
Störling Dance Theater (Olathe)
Wylliams - Henry Contemporary Dance Company (KCMO)

Three days of celebration with companies from KC, Denver and Mexico. This was a great set of performances. - click on picture above for web page

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Sun, February 7, 2016

 Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Classes (sun)  Map (Dance, Lesson, Workshop)
Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Classes by Jarod Coleman and Natalia A. Gonzalez

Sundays from 2pm-4pm at City In Motion Dance School

2pm-3pm Beginning Salsa Shines and Turn Patterns
3pm-4pm Intermediate Salsa Shines and Turn Patterns

$10 dollars per class or purchase 10 classes up front and get two free (A savings of $20)

Private Lessons: $50 per hour or purchase a package of 10 lessons and get two extra lessons for free. (A $120 dollar value for $100 dollars)

Location: City In Motion Dance School
      3925 Main Street
      Kansas City, MO 64111

Contact us at (913)-980-2190
EML.1: jarod.coleman@gmail.com
 Camelot Ballroom (sun)  Map (Dance)
Dances are held every Sunday from 2 pm - 4 pm. The cost is $7.00 per person. So come out and enjoy a good time with us. For more information call 913-897-4622. www.camelotballroom.com Private lessons available upon request
URL.1: camelotballroom.com
EML.1: dance@camelotballroom.com
Hula hoop dance
 Beginner to Intermediate Hoop Dance (sun)  Map (Dance, Lesson)
New Beginner to Intermediate Hoop Dance Classes- Enrolling NOW!

WHAT: A beginner to intermediate hoop dance class

WHERE: City In Motion Dance Theater.
3925 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64111-1916

WHAT TIME: Sundays at Noon-1:15

WHEN WILL THE SESSION START? starting October 10th to December 5th

PRICING AND LENGTH: All participants will need to sign up for the entire NINE WEEK SESSION for $135.

BONUS OFFER: If you get a friend to sign up with you, you each will receive $15 off the total cost$ That is $120 rather then $135 so it's worth convincing a friend!

Contact me as soon as possible to RESERVE YOUR SPOT. I will send you a PayPal invoice and you can pay directly online. If this method is problematic for you please contact me.

(No refunds my darlings, but I don't for see this being a problem)

Thanks everyone!
EML.1: brie@lunabreezeperformance.com


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