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Modern Night at the Folly 2014 - Saturday 8 February 2014 in Downtown Kansas City - Lines Untouched by Kameron N. Saunders - John Swapshire
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Tisha and skirt work
Tisha and skirt work

1st Thursday Arts Bar

Each 1st Thursday City in Motion school brings acts from the school programs and classes to the Uptown Arts Bar at 3611 Broadway. This was the offering on the 3rd of July.

Yumelia Garcia (top) and Lucas Segovia - studio rehearsal
Yumelia Garcia (top) and Lucas Segovia.

This is a must see show. Superb execution and delightful performances.

Second year for the

Kansas City Dance Festival

2014 brings the second year for the Kansas City Dance Festival concert and with it more organization and more sponsors. Growth. The concert dates are Friday (20th) and Saturday (21st) night at Spencer Theater (The Rep theater on the UMKC campus, 4949 Cherry street, in the Performing Arts Center).

Jennifer Tierney and Winston Brown on stage (for dress)
Jennifer Tierney and Winston Brown on stage (for dress)

Project Premiere
Project Premiere

New Dance Company Debut from Kristopher Estes-Brown at JCCC's Polsky Theater

Concept Zero

Was Friday and Saturday June 13 at 8pm and 14, 2014 at 7:30pm and was followed at 8:30 by Project Premiere from American Youth Ballet

Project Premiere

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Back to Bach
Back to Bach - the starting piece in the show

What is Old is New Again
Show was Friday and Saturday May 30 and 31, 2014 at 8pm

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Wylliams / Henry Contemporary Dance Company concert

Ronald McFadden joins in for the end-of-show Shim Sham - here doing a solo
Lonnie McFadden trading licks

National Tap Dance Day 2014
Show/Jam May 24, 2014 (actual date is the 25th)

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Sun, July 27, 2014

 Camelot Ballroom (sun)  Map (Dance)
Dances are held every Sunday from 2 pm - 4 pm. The cost is $7.00 per person. So come out and enjoy a good time with us. For more information call 913-897-4622. www.camelotballroom.com Private lessons available upon request
URL.1: camelotballroom.com
EML.1: dance@camelotballroom.com
Hula hoop dance
 Beginner to Intermediate Hoop Dance (sun)  Map (Dance, Lesson)
New Beginner to Intermediate Hoop Dance Classes- Enrolling NOW!

WHAT: A beginner to intermediate hoop dance class

WHERE: City In Motion Dance Theater.
3925 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64111-1916

WHAT TIME: Sundays at Noon-1:15

WHEN WILL THE SESSION START? starting October 10th to December 5th

PRICING AND LENGTH: All participants will need to sign up for the entire NINE WEEK SESSION for $135.

BONUS OFFER: If you get a friend to sign up with you, you each will receive $15 off the total cost$ That is $120 rather then $135 so it's worth convincing a friend!

Contact me as soon as possible to RESERVE YOUR SPOT. I will send you a PayPal invoice and you can pay directly online. If this method is problematic for you please contact me.

(No refunds my darlings, but I don't for see this being a problem)

Thanks everyone!
EML.1: brie@lunabreezeperformance.com
 Lindy Hop (sun)  Map (Lesson)
Lindy Hop Levels 1,2 5:00 p.m.
Lindy Hop Level 3 6:00 p.m.
URL.1: amoredance.com
EML.1: info@amoredance.com


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