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Steve Patke

20 June 1951 - 25 June 2005




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Steve Patke

More to come including video clips. This is all I have for this afternoon (wed) but I am putting together a number of video clips with Steve playing. And I am looking for more still pictures.

Steve died saturday June 25, 2005 of pancreatic cancer. Visitation was June 28. He played clarinet, sax and flute. Everybody loved this guy. The whole community.

Steve played for years with numerous bands and musicians in the area as well as on the road including the New Red Onion Jazz Babies since 1979 as the Dixie Six - even cruise ships. A long-time member of Dave Stephens' Orchestra and of the Alpen Spielers (CD review).

Steve Patke's home page: (he kept this up himself, as he did for several sites)

The New Red Onion Jazz Babies site:
      ..history page: (see picture links)

JAM Magazine comments by Steve on music to take to a desert island (down the page a bit)
Kansas City Federation of Musicians:

Video short: Windows Media 128kb
Audio of this: Windows Media 64kb

At Camelot Ballroom in mid 2004
At the Olde Mill in Parkville Feb 2005


At the Olde Mill (Feb 2005) with Dave Stephens (mic) and Marvin Hart (trombone)

(left) With Frankie Manning (holding picture)

(left) at the Speakeasy with Pauline Antin (singer/owner), Lucky Wesley and Bram Wijnands

With Dave Stephens at Louis & Company.

At Louis & Company - with Dave Stephens.

At Raoul's Velvet Lounge (July 1999). Steve is on sax second from right.


Kansas City Star Obit announcement for Steve
Cached text from The Star (in case this link quits working)

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