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"Dancing is an AMAZING activity. You can go up to a gorgeous woman that you've never met before, spend three minutes touching her virtually anywhere on her body, and she THANKS you for it afterwards!" - Swing meister Mario Robau, Jr. at a workshop in Bethesda, MD, Spring, 1991 

"Lesser dancers stumble, better dancers syncopate"

"Women have to do everything that a man does, but backwards and in high heels!"  - Ginger Rogers 

Dancers and musicians have always counted music differently. (There is an anecdote about Stravinsky yelling at Nijinsky, "There is no 27 in my music!"...) 

"No move is too tricky, no spin too excessive. For my partner." - John Hayes 

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Another from Mario Robau. He tells competitors this after judging results have been announced and there are winners, placers and especially non-placers still standing around on the floor. - He faces the dancers on the floor and says to remember that the difference between those who participated and those who didn't is not whether they won the contest but rather that (pointing to the dancers) "You danced and .." (pointing to the folks who are seated) "you didn't."