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Belly Dance Superstars

Local Stars Dance the First Half of the Show

The Uptown Theater's Conspiracy Room on the south side of the building along Broadway (3700 Broadway, Kansas City, MO). This smaller club space, a lounge, really, was about the only venue available, even on a Tuesday night. There is that much activitiy in town right now. Admission was $28, cash, at the box office. 80 places were set and they filled up. The stage was a space on the north side of the room, off the wood dance floor.

The last time Bellydance Superstars (BDSS) were in town it was a large show with a big ensemble. This time BDSS were performing in a small group to a small venue and sharing the stage, for the first half, with local belly dancers. The call it "Club Bellydance" and advertise this as a way to meet and mingle with dancers in various locations. For second half of the show the small BDSS troupe kicked it into high gear. All locals had eyes riveted on the BDSS troupe. This was learning time.

The pictures here are all from the local groups:
Maya Zahira and group (
Melody Gabrielle and two others (
Marie De Mars (
and Troupe Duende (

There was a variety of styles from both groups, tribal, cabaret, gypsy and not a lot in the way of traditional. No finger cymbals or live tabla and about 30-40 minutes per half. The BDSS troupe had three more traditional with balletic technique fusions, and a gypsy pair and a tribal twosome. Sometimes they layered the choreography alternating and overlapping styles.

One number started with very short Flamenco-styled dresses with a mid-length rear hem and a high front hem like a can can dress, and gypsy combo dress. The number started with that theme and moved into more traditional moves and skirt work in long Gypsy skirts followed by blending in the tribal fusion pair. Along the way were bourrées, chaines and jetés slicing through the ensemble.


Troupe Duende - first half of Bellydance Superstars
Troupe Duende: Kaleela in front, behind her are Calley, Amy Jo - at left is Jael, Right are Zoria and Jalilah


Zoria - Troupe Duende

Calley - Troupe Duende

Melody Gabrielle
Melodie Gabrielle

Marie De Mars
Marie De Mars

The performance space was this niche in the north side of the room, just off the wood dance floor which you can see in the middle of the picture. Two rolls of Marley were laid down and taped on a ramp leading back to a carpeted area which was kept bare. Merchandise was sold on the tables to the right in this picture and on clothing racks to the right of that.

Maya Zahira

Maya dancer
One of Maya's group

Marie De Mars
Marie De Mars

Maya Zahira and three of her dancers.

Duende with Amy Jo in front, Kaleela to the left of her and Calley to the right. Zoria second from far right.


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