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Baila Westside
17th Street, west of Summit, next to Mattie Rhoades Art Center
(page: 28 July 2008)

Owner: Laura Beers

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Laura Beers, owner, leading
a Global Soul intro class
Front Door of Baila West - at 325 West 17th Street. Mattie Rhoads is just east of here.


Both group and private lessons and a wide variety of types of dance and movement including Capoeira, tango, flamenco, Indian classical, hip hop and salsa among others. Check Laura's website for a full list and class schedule.




Introductory Flamenco class.

Flamenco teacher Zhanna Saparova, waits while her husband, guitarist Beau Bledsoe gives a short introduction to Flamenco.

Zhanna Saparova leads introductory Flamenco lesson showing footwork. Zhanna teaches flamenco for Manos Rojas school of world music and dance - website at





Yubia Jurado, 6/27/2013
I'm interested in learning how to dance salsa (I know the basic movements) and learn how to dance other types of rhythms.

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