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Peter and the Wolf

Saturday, 6 September 2008
In White Recital Hall on UMKC in the PAC (Performing Arts Center)
For the Berkly Center child care

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The Wolf - Played by Elaine Kimble
  The Wolf - Played by Elaine Kimble

In front, the Wolf (Elaine Kimble). Behind are The Cat (Marie Buser), Peter (Will Smith), The Little Bird (Caitlin Shuler)

The Bird (Caitlin Shuler) sitting in the "tree"



The "Wolf" talks to Simon after the show.The smallest ones were a little hesitant about the wolf. Perhaps they too would be gobbled up!

Elaine Kimble (as The Wolf) shares a fist-bump after the show with a young audience member. Yes, it was a good fist-bump, I was just a bit slow on the camera.


Peter   William Smith
Bird   Caitlin Shuler
Duck   Skyler Taylor
Cat   Marie Buser
Wolf   Elaine Kimble
Grandfather   Jered Solace
Hunters   Elena Hofer
    Lexie Klasing
    Kelanie Murphy
    Pam Auinbauh
    Sam Lopp

The Cat (Marie Buser), Grandfather (Jered Solace) and two of the hunters.

Everyone listens to The Wolf to hear The Duck (who The Wolf swallowed)


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Peter and the Wolf
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