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Don Bosco Senior Center

Just north east of the downtown loop, in the Columbus Circle area east of City Market. Lots of parking and nice facilities.

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Wednesday / Friday noon dance
at Don Bosco Senior Center

These pictures from Fri: 3 March 2006, Don Bosco Senior Center, Kansas City, MO

Don Bosco hosts a lesson followed by a dance at noon each Wednesday and Friday. Will Adams and Paula Marie come in as teachers. The residents dance in the open area just off main entry. Will and Paula teach a variety of dances. There is always room for more dancers.


david cunningham, 8/1/2006
I sing with a community big band. We are reasonably priced. Unfortunately, most of our members work during the day so a noon dance would not be possible (with the exceptions of Saturday or Sunday). If you are looking for a live band for any of your dances please keep us in mind.

Thank you

David Cunningham

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Don Bosco Dance
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