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Club Evos (closed)

James (12th) and Central, Kansas City, K 66101 913.321.6100

(West Bottoms: take 12th street west from downtown loop and head around until it intersects with James St at the stop light - just south of the UPS depot)

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Picture of dance location

Hip-Hop, House, Dance, club - laser lights - late night crowds 20x50 dance floor - high tech look. Friday/Saturday largest night.

Next-door restaurant as part of the license (food and alcohol).

Large lounge area with white-upholstered curved booths. Large, wall-sized mirrors behind long bar and around dance area. Open-faced brick wall behind booths. Dance floor is set down off the lounge area.

Tuesdays are Phat Tuesdays with radio station 95.7 live and karaoke.

This club opened in mid August 2000 by Chad Waldrop. Chad previously owned Club 727 in KCK.