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28, 29, 30 July 2006
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Even though crowds were way below expectation the performers gave their best, often with copious sweat. In my case I wasn't trying to cover the Fringe Festival, just the dance events Nicole (my partner) was in. So for the most part I shot pictures of her troupe (Nikoria Dancers) performing at the Crown Center Pavilion. I should mention that Nikoria Dancers was put together on the fly, so to speak. Nicole and her mother, Gloria, had the Nikoria Dancers years ago so the name was a tribute to he late mum. A request to perform at the Fringe grew from an individual performance to a troupe to occupy the Crown Center Pavilion space that a Lawrence group had been in last year. This year they moved to Just Off Broadway.

Reviews and Coverage from KC Stage:

I also had a photo show running at the Blue Wolf Gallery (as featured artists for the month of July) so I spent some time at Blue Wolf, in particular to watch Annie Mayer present "On Tap." I wasn't able to get to her husband Michael's one-man show at the Incubator but did manage to see Kacico's friday-night presentation at the Arts Incubator. I also wanted to see the show by Reach because we had friends in that. I had to miss but Nicole got to see it. She loved it. Good dancing, she told me, and when that comes from a dancer, I should believe it, so I pass it on to you.

Links for show at Blue Wolf: pre-show page, opening night page, wall diagram of show (3.3 meg PDF shows pictures on the wall), database listing of photos in show.

So these pictures are from only three of the events at the Fringe but I thought you would like to see them. In any case, I just wanted to use some of these pictures for the site.

During this, on saturday, I was also working the Two-Steppin event over at the American Jazz Museum. So I found myself splitting my time between the Fringe and the Dancing Feet Festival - put on by Reel Images (Rodney Thompson and Stinson McClendan).
See Pictures from the Dancing Feet Festival here.

KC Stage Review

Annie Mayer

"On Tap"

At Blue Wolf Gallery Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Annie Mayer is Founder and Artistic Director of Metronome in New York City.

Mayer is a native of England and holds a masters in Architecture.

She performed at Tufts University in England and and for the last six years has been studying rhythmtap in New York City.

Her performance at Blue Wolf for the Fringe included audience participation in which audience members were handed various percussion instruments and coached in contributing music to which she danced. She tapped to a metronome and to recorded music.

Annie combined entertainment with education about tap.

Barbara Becket - Veil work, Middle Eastern

Barbara Becket
Barbar also dances for Raghsidad! a Gaziyeh Enterprises dance company in Lawrence:

Maya Zahira's Group (Zahira in purple skirt, red top on right)
Guests Artists

Nicole English, Veil Work

Flamenco - Maria Aranda and guitarist Scott Hammer

Scott and Maria are a part of Olé Flamenco and Dance out of Overland Park as is Scott's wife Shannon (below) who came as part of the audience/cheerleaders..

Nicole English - Mexican Hat Dance
For both Flamenco and the hat dance the heel work came out a bit mushy because of the plywood flooring.
Both performers had to hit the floor harder to get the sound out.


Malinda Crump, JoshGregory and Lindsay Spilker

Malinda, Josh and Joanna Strom

Kacico Dance

"Sit, Stand, Walk, Speak, Play"

In the third floor area on the north of the Arts Incubator. This is a dance mixing the dancers space with the audience space. The audience is arranged in staggered seating throughout the space and the dancers move throughout the entire area, in and around the audience.

These pictures are from the friday evening performance. Kacico performed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Dancers on the left, Audience on the right - and on all the white seats in the loft area.

Malinda, Lindsey and Josh


Amore Dance Studio - guest Artists - with Zumba

Jessica Thompson

Tony Witt


Shannon Hammer
She was there as audience cheerleader for her fellow Olé Flamenco dancer Maria (right) and guitarist husband Scott.

Amanda, Stacey, Imani, Tamar and Meagan with the Nikoria Dance Troupe.

Maria Aranda

Gayle Tilley in Hawaiian Wedding song

Michelle Kelley

A member of Nikoria, City in Motion and all around irrepressable. She is also the inventor/choreographer of the world's only Goth Hula (so far as we know, or can imagine) - heavy metaled hula

And What is This? A "guest picture" of the McFaddens from the "Dancing Feet Festival" behind the Jazz Museum on saturday, the other event I was working at CLICK HERE.

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