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  GPoS 2005

Photos / Copyright 2005 Mike Strong -,

Kenny Nelson, Josie Lawhon - Matt Auclair, Debbie Figueroa - Mary Harris, Bill Corey - Jeanne DeGeyter, Austin Murrey

Angel Figueroa, Heather Blue

Matt Auclair, Ellen Ransom

Mary Harris, Bill Corey

Crystal Lambert, Matt Auclair

Grand Prix of Swing 2005

14-17 July 2005
Kansas City, Missouri - downtown in the Muehlbach and Marriot Hotels

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Cowtown Swing Dance Club
Cowtown's Grand Prix of Swing Page


Grand Prix 100
1st Place 156 Bill Corey Mary Carrington-Harris
2nd Place 247 Thom Ginther Kathy Sappington
3rd Place 155 Stan Bennett Linda Woods
4th Place 147 Andrew Khouw Betty Langston
5th Place 152 Jeff Heffington Enola O'Conner

Novice Jack & Jill
1st Place 157 Dennis Taupo 158 Heather Blue
2nd Place 159 Vince Matthews 407 Heather Getz
3rd Place 303 Joe Wright 413 Kristin Curtis
4th Place 304 Mark Perez 414 Stacie Vainiunas
5th Place 248 Mike Brenton 400 Leisa Miller

Novice Strictly Swing
1st Place 157 Dennis Taupo Heather Blue
2nd Place 304 Mark Perez Kristin Curtis
3rd Place 248 Mike Brenton Heather Getz
4th Place 152 Jeff Heffington Mary Jane Heffington
5th Place 159 Vince Matthews Celeste Molen

Newcomer Strictly Swing
1st Place 150 Rick Gendron Lisa Gendron
2nd Place 151 Andi Walls Britani Vernon
3rd Place 154 Dennis Bordner Victoria Ott

Intermediate Jack & Jill
1st Place 161 Henry Pulida 421 Chrissy Bridgeman
2nd Place 147 Andrew Khouw 436 Dee Murrey
3rd Place 247 Thom Ginther 458 Dawn DeGrushe
4th Place 161 Henry Pulida 455 Linda Woods
5th Place 247 Thom Ginther 429 Laura Craig

Intermediate Strictly Swing
1st Place 161 Henry Palido Dawn DeGrushe
2nd Place 247 Thom Ginther Chrissy Bridgeman
3rd Place 160 Ross Behrens Laura Plummer

Pro/Am Male Pro
1st Place 158 Heather Blue Angel Figueroa
2nd Place 457 Ellen Ransom Matt Auclair
3rd Place 436 Dee Murrey Austin Murrey
4th Place 424 Laura Craig Austin Murrey
5th Place 164 Kathy Sappington Matt Auclair

Pro/Am Female Pro
1st Place 157 Dennis Taupo Debbie Figueroa
2nd Place 305 Lonnie Johnson, Jr Jeanne DeGeyter
3rd Place 161 Henry Pulida Glenda Evans
4th Place 247 Thom Ginther Glenda Evans
5th Place 147 Andrew Khouw Jeanne DeGeyter

Advanced Strictly Swing
1st Place Matt Auclair Debbie Figueroa
2nd Place Austin Murrey Jeanne DeGeyter
3rd Place Angel Figueroa Crystal Lambert

Advanced Jack & Jill
1st Place 309 Matt Auclair 456 Crystal Lambert
2nd Place 312 Austin Murrey 459 Jeanne DeGeyter
3rd Place 308 Kenny Nelson 462 Glenda Evans

Nightclub Two Step - Just Dance
1st Place 165 Dillon Olson Josie Olson
2nd Place 247 Thom Ginther Kathy Sappington
3rd Place 310 Mike Bicklein Dawn DeGrushe

Nightclub Two Step - Jack & Jill
1st Place 165 Dillon Olson 465 Celeste Molen
2nd Place 166 Andrew Khouw 413 Kristin Curtis
3rd Place 467 Matt Auclair 163 Lisa Gendron