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Gary Cox's Ballroom & Western
220 South Douglas (Heart of America Dance Center)
Lee's Summit, MO  64063
Phone: (816) 260-0493

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The dance floor is 2500 square feet of hardwood.



Gary and his mother demo a Viennese Waltz for the friday crowd.

Ollie and Shari
Dance Lesson 7:30-8:30PM $6/person.
Open Dancing 8:30 to 10:30PM $6/person.
Both lesson and dance $10.00/person.


Heart of America Dance Center is on the west side of Douglas in Lee's Summit with an ample parking lot just to the north.



Shannon Smith, 12/21/2013

My ex husband and I took a class from u at delta woods about 10 years ago. U were great! I have an almost 3 year old who loves loves lives to dance. I was hoping to get her in some ballroom dancing. Do you have any classes for kids her age?



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Gary Cox Ballroom and Western
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