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The Dancer's Cup Tour

In Kansas City: The Heart of America 2003

Heart of America 2008

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The Dancer's Cup Tour is a national series of nine top-level (dancesport) competitions and workshops starting in February and running through December in groups of three, leading up to the finals in January of the next year.

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In Kansas City the Heart of America event is produced each year by Leroy and Ginny Walters. This is a national event with some of the world's best talent including world class talent from right here in Kansas City.

        Event URL Month
1   California Open February
2   St. Louis Star Ball March
3   Wisconsin State April
  -       -
4   Maryland Invitational June
5   Twin Cities Open July
6 Heart of America August
  -         -
7   First Coast Classic October
8   Ohio Star Ball November
9   Holiday Classic December
Finale Dancer's Cup January

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