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KCDC 1st Showcase

KC Dance Coalition Showcase

11 November 2006 at Blue Wolf Gallery, 18th and Baltimore, Kansas City, MO

Links to Participants:
Amore Dance Studio
Bella Dance Studio
Blue Martini Entertainment
Nikoria Dancers

Chris Pruit (Bella Studio) and Sheila Sasek

The KC Dance Coalition is a new organization in the area. It is designed as a coorperative effort for dance studios and instructors to get together in order to promote dance and to join in workshops and other endeavors with sharing in mind.The showcase at the Blue Wolf was a first off meet and greet to help get things rolling. KCDC is still in the very beginning stages so this was a bit impromptu.

KCDC - Blue Wolf

Jake Fisher and Chrissy Bridgemann

Jessica Thompson with Andrew Sutton who had been at Amoré earlier conducting a blues-dance workshop

Andrew and Chrissy

Chris Pruitt and Vallyn Nguyen

Vallyn & Chris (front), Jessica & Tony (right)

Popin' from Yahaleah Bat Yisrael - (Bella)

Jake and Chrissy (over the back)

Michael Rodee (back), Chrissy (behind), Crowd (throngs)

Chrissy and Michael Rodee


KCDC - Blue Wolf

Jon Micmichen

Chrissy and Jake


Jessica and Tony

Jake and Chrissy

Chrissy and Michael


Chris and Vallyn

Janay Andrews


KCDC - Blue Wolf

Jon Micmichen

Dancing to a Kashlimar (a 9/8 Turkish rhythm)

Tony and Jessica

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