Kabal Restaurant and Nightclub

February 14, 2003 - The River Market at 503 Walnut, Kansas City, MO (816) 471-4110

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Kabal opened at the end of 2002 and quickly gained a club crowd for its downstairs nightclub. Upstairs the restaurant gathered good food reviews. The downstairs opens around 10pm. It is a multi-roomed space all in blue lighting except for the lounging area which stands out for its contrasting light. Heading down the stairs you see a red-lit lounging area (sofas, etc). At the bottom of the stairs is a bar area with open standing and some seating. As you continue around to the left (from the stairs) you enter a longer, open dance room with a high ceiling, largely bare except for fall-into-it seating on the opposite wall (long side) and a DJ stand across the far wall (narrow side). You also see lots of people, dancing (some) and faking (some) free-form.

Music: house, techno
Floor: vinyl-tile floor over concrete
Crowd: 20's to 40's
Looks: very spare, modern look, blue lighted downstairs, windows blue filtered.
Dine&Dance: full meals in ground floor restaurant, dancing in basement
Area: Downtown or Near Downtown
Co-Owners: Siamack Zahabi II and Eric King

URL: http://www.kabalkc.com

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(left) The upstairs restaurant area looking from one of the window tables inward toward the bar (top) and entrance (top right). (right) The building at the corner of Walnut and Fifth in the River Market (The brewery is across the street to the right side of this photo).

The lounging area is a slash of color contrast as you head down the stairs from the restaurant level.

Co-Owner Eric King at the bar downstairs. About the only corner in the restaurant and nightclub which is lit with white light.

Downstairs: lounging area to the left, bar to the right (camera is in front of the bar)
and the dance space is behind the stairway.

Photos / Copyright 2003 Mike Strong - all rights reserved - kcdance.com - artfulDancer.com