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Kacico Workshop : In Studio

With Peter Kalivas giving workshops and setting a piece

17-22 March 2008
Kacico Dance, 8621 S. Buckner Tarsney Rd., Oak Grove, MO 64075
816-578-4721  •  Fax 816-578-4721

Dancer/Choreographer Peter Kalivas is from San Diego. He spent a week with Kacico in the studio where he was guest choreographer March 17-22, 2008. He was setting a work on Kacico Dance and taught classes open to the public in modern dance and choreography.

The work set on the company by Peter Kalivas will premiere at the Liberty Performing Arts Theatre in Liberty, MO when Kacico performs at this venue for the first time. This will include new works, plus the Freedom of Speech and Four of A Kind.

NOTE: Concert Date: April 26 - 7:30 pm - at Liberty Performing Arts Theater in "Entertaining, Thought Provoking, and Exquisite - A Concert of Contemporary Dance." Tickets: 816-439-4373

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    Booking: National Boutique Roster of Jodi Kaplan & Associates NYC

Peter Kalivas during workshop with Kacico Dance
Peter Kalivas

Demonstration a movement to the workshop group at Kacico Dance Co
Demonstration a movement to the workshop group
Kacico dancer Lindsay Spilker Tate during rehearsal/workshop at Kacico Dance studio
Lindsay Spilker Tate

Allison Kaut (front) and Peter Kalivas (left) with group
Peter Kalivas demonstrating movement during Kacico Dance workshop
Peter Kalivas demonstrating movement
Allison Kaut and Julie Delancy-Rudolph taking turns at Kacico workshop with Peter Kalivas
Allison Kaut and Julie Delancy-Rudolph taking turns

Peter Kalivas at Kacico Workshop

Shandi Miller
Linsay Spilker Tate
Julie Delancey Rudolph

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