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Kids Ballroom in Kansas City Schools
Culture Through Ballroom Dance

TWA Museum Hanger Dance Fundraiser
With the Abel Ramirez Big Band

Sat. 13 Feb 2018- at the TWA Museum on the Downtown Kansas City, Mo airport

Culture Through Ballroom Dance http://cultureballroomdance.com is run by Dr. Will Adams and Ms. Paula Marie Daub.

Photos by Mike Strong
NOTE ON THE LIGHT: Light levels were usable for pre-dance and breaks with lessons but the actual dance had such
low light levels that I had to go all the way wo 25,600 ISO which really killed detail, shadow detail and increased the
digital version of "grain." Almost worse than candlelight. So, my apologies on the look of the open dance pictures.


Table watching dancers
A table by the side corner

Swingsters - Toni Dodd

dance lesson

Dr. Will Adams


instructors watching class

Toni Dodd


swingsters on the floor





on the side

Abel Ramirez band
Abel Ramirez Big Band

merengue lesson
Merengue Lesson

waiting to go on


Saturday Feb 13th - 5:30 - 10 pm
Downtown Airport TWA Museum (south side)

To benefit Culture through Ballroom Dance this Saturday!!!
5:30-7:00 Check in- and self guided tour of the TWA Museum
6:15-7:00 FREE Waltz Dance Lesson
7:00-10:00 Dancing to the sounds of the Abel Ramirez Big Band

Entertainment during band breaks
William Jewell College Students
One Step at a Time
Swingsters from Allegro Ballroom
Free Merengue Dance Lesson

There will be non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks for sale.
There will be no food, so please bring table snacks to share with your table mates.

Unless you have filled a table to 10, we will fill tables with 10 guests.
We still have lots of room, so if you know of someone wo wants to come and pay the $25,
I will be taking phone reservations until 4:00 today. (816-587-3443) 
After that time, they will need to pay $30 at the door




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