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Kids Ballroom in Kansas City Schools - Showcase

KCMO School's Music Festival

18 May 2006 - at the Scottish Rite Temple (Linwood and The Paseo)

View eight-minute video of the showcase: Windows Media: 128kbps, 256kbps

This showcase was the culmination of an eight week pilot project teaching ballroom classes for Kansas City School District children during the spring semester of 2006. Four schools, eight weeks, six classes and 60 to 70 fifth-grade students - taught by Dr. Will Adams and Paula Marie. The still pictures below are from that showcase performance. Click above to see the event in video.

Paula and Will are working this year with several schools in Kansas City and nearby school districts.

Kansas City, Missouri School Music Festival

Kids' Ballroom

18 May 2006

Ballroom-program students from KCMO schools

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