Louis and Company

Fall 2006 Dance Festival

11 November 2006 Showcase at Louis & Company
10409 Marty, Overland Park, KS - (913) 385-0707

Viennese Waltz - Louis Bar with Martha Ann Gaug

This fall showcase from Louis & Company in Overland Park included participants from three other studios: Arthur Murray from Lenexa, Bella Studio from KCMO (Westport) and Ballroom World from Springfield, Missouri.


Lauren Strayer, Mary Ann Hope and Darren Carpenter from Arthur Murray in Lenexa

Kristopher Brown and Jessica Zhang

Kristopher Brown and Amber Weibel

Video setup, (right) Whitney Haugen shooting stills

Dance Judge: Beth Byrd, Byrd Productions ~ Movement Theatre

Laura Cantu (front) Darren Carpenter (left, rear)

Laura Cantu shooting stills for award photos

Alex Patsioukov and Brooke Dizmang (Ballroom World)

Christine Bar on video


Alex Patsioukov and Brooke Dizmang (Ballroom World, Springfield, MO)



Alex Patsioukov and Pam Rysted (Ballroom World)

Dolores McLanahan

Louis Bar & Dolores McLanahan

Bill Lillich and Cathy Riley

Cheering from the sides: Darren Carpenter, Lauren Strayer

Alex Patsioukov and Brooke Dizmang


Viennese Waltz - Chris Pruitt and Sheila Sasek (front, from Bella Studios, KCMO [Westport]), Martha Ann Guag and Louis Bar (left rear, Louis & Co.)


LAC Kids

Waiting Turns

Charleston Kicks line


Participating Studios, Students and Teachers:
Studios Teachers Students
Ballroom World
1911 S Glenstone Ave
Springfield, Missouri
(417) 889-0300
Alexander Patsioukov Debra Vinson
Norma Vinson
Emily Edgar
Mary Groman
Brooke Dizmang
Pam Rysted
Judy Friend
Arthur Murray
8626 Quivira Road
Lenexa, Kansas 66215Phone:
Darren Carpenter
Lauren Strayer
Paul & Betty Lascuola
Rob & Jean Gaslin
Doug & Pam Perrin
Mark & Stephanie Hammond
Bill Lillich
Cathy Riley
BELLA STUDIO of performing arts
508 Westport RD. Suite 102
Kansas City, MO 64111
Chris Pruitt Sheila Sasek
Louis & Company Dance Studio
10409 Marty
Overland Park, Kansas, 66212
(913) 385-0707
Louis Bar
Laura Cantu
Angee Engle
David Shaughnessy
Jessica Gittleman
Whitney Haugen
Kristopher Brown

Martha Ann Gaug
Diane & Denny Pickett
Nicole Pickett
Gayle Emick
Dolores McClanahan
Steve Stowell
Samantha Hawpe
Roland Mock
Amber Weibel
Jessica Zhang
Leah Pack
Eliora Sorkin
Alexandre Bar

Kids Program
Margaret Peterson
Alexandra de Garay
Alyssa Stillwell
Samantha Hawpe
Sarah Crowe
Regina Basse
Elizabeth Rodgers
Katie Peterson
Hannah Peterson
Zach Hunter

Photographers: Laura Cantu and Whitney Haugen

Videographer: Mike Strong (all photos this page by Mike Strong)

MC & Dj: David Shaughnessy

Caterer: A Touch of Class


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Louis and Company

Phone: 913.385.0707
10409 Marty, Overland Park, KS 66212
Website: http://www.funwithstyle.com
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