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Live Music Dance Club on the weekends in Winter
(One night each weekend in summers)


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The Olde Mill has three levels. From the second level the balcony circles the main floor area and is itself nicely floored with hardwood making a further dance space. Above and to the rear of this camera position is a small third level for smokers so that they don't have to leave the building to smoke but can still enjoy the music.
The band shown here is Street Legal. Olde Mill Catering opens friday and saturday nights as a dance club.

Main Floor looking upward. An ample bandstand is at the back and the hardwood floor is in excellent shape. The middle area is clear for dancing (at roughly 18x30 feet) and the tables can be pulled back farther for even more dance space.

This is a really nice dance area. The acoustics are terrific and the band doesn't need to over-amp to be heard.

The venue can accomodate 350 and the kitchen is open for appetizers, most in the range of $3 to $7 with a large combo platter at $9. Chips and salsa $2.50. (writing in Feb 2005).

Olde Mill Catering is available for weddings, receptions, dinners, reunions, seminars, meetings and other reasons to bring together large groups.

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Dave Stevens - Swing Feb 25, 2005
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Photos by Mike Strong, Copyright © 2020 Mike Strong All rights reserved

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