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Rose Marie Mendez's Fiesta Mexicana
Folkloric Group
at Fiesta Hispana

Mexican Folklorico

11 Mayo 2008
Crown Center Pavilion, Kansas City, Missouri
This is the Kansas City-wide post Cinco de Mayo celebration held in the pavilion stage in Crown Center (about 25th and Pershing).


Rose Marie Mendez (in the center, white dress) and her dancers.

Note the glass of water she is balancing

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Martha Vasquez, 10/16/2009

If possible, I would like to contact this group for the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther Day at Lee's Summit next year in January. Please send me their contact Information.

Thank you,


aLvhEen sAnDovAl, 12/25/2008
.,pLah eHh nUh....

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