Mexican Folkloric Dancers at KC Ethnic Festival

Rose Marie Mendez' Fiesta Mexicana

And Ballet Folklorico de Topeka

Sabado 21 Agosto 2010
Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri

KC Ethnic Festival:

Dancers from both groups take a bow.


This year two Mexican dance groups performed together at the Ethnic Festival in Swope Park - Rose Marie Mendez's Fiesta Mexicana from Kansas City, Kansas and Ediberto Gonzalez's Ballet Folklorico from Topeka.

Both these groups put in class performances. Just take a look at the shots below.

Further note, Rose Marie Mendez, director of the Mexican section of the Ethnic Festival was announced as the director of the Ethnic Festival overall for next year.

Ballet Folklorico de Topeka Facebook page:

Groupo Fiesta Mexicana

Balancing full glasses of water on their heads.

Groupo Ballet Folklorico de Topeka

Machete dance

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