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SwingSalsaTango Studio

510 West 5th Street, Kansas City, Missouri
Just north of the downtown loop and just west of Broadway.

Owner: Howard Carney

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Howard Carney's new studio at the far west side of the River Market on fifth street (510 West 5th St).

The entrance is at the front, then up a set of stairs to the studio area on the second floor.

For years Howard has been finding locations to host dances, lessons and dance parties for swing, salsa and tango. Sometimes as one dance type and sometimes as a combo with all three dances. That part will keep going but now Howard has a fixed permanent studio location with a terrific hardwood dance floor and additional rooms for private lessons.


The front door leading to stairs to the studio.

The main room with its hardwood dance floor. There are several other rooms for privates in addition to an office. The front stairs are behind the couch at the far end.
Natasha on the door at Swing Salsa Tango
Natasha on the door

Howard (behind the hand) hosts regular weekend parties and has a full schedule of group and private lessons.



Dave Stephens at Swing Salsa Tango, with Howard Carney and Andrea
Dave Stephens at Swing Salsa Tango, with Howard and Andrea.

Looking at pictures - and remembering dance events in Kansas City

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Brian Woods, 10/2/2018
Wife and I want to learn Salsa but are having no luck contacting Madrigal. Please contact us.


Jim Brown, 2/16/2011
I was looking for you phone no. so I could find out if you were going to continue the intermediate class from last week this Thurs. My girl and I wanted to learn the remainder of the move but we do have another option for Thursday evening if you not. Will you let me know? Jim

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Howard Carney - Swing, Salsa, Tango
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