Two Steppin'

2003 a documentary and a dance contest promotion

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Two-Steppin'' and the Kansas City Two Step - an African-American dance style in Kansas City - "All About Two Steppin" is a planned 90-minute documentary on this Kansas City Style of dancing. This is produced by Rodney Thompson and Stinson McClendon.

Winners: Dec 18, 2003

1st - $5,000

2cd - $3,000

3rd - $2,000


There is a web address for the contest: http://www.manual74.htm and announcements on KPRS 103.3 Hot Jamz. For contest information see

Dancers Two Steppin at Pearls    

Pete's Place steppin'

Dancers at Mac's South Jazz and Blues

During the next few months (this article date: June 2003), concluding December 18, 2003. The documentary will be combined with a dance contest leading to a total of $10,000 in prize money.

The documentary makers, Stimson McClendon and Rodney Thompson, shooting digital video, are also marketing film credit to local businesses participating in the event.

During this time dancers will have a chance to show their stuff in practice clubs while qualifying for entrance into semi-finals and finals. You do have to be 21 and must be amateur dancers. If you make it into the finals there is a $50 per couple entrance fee.

On the flyer, which can be picked up at one of the locations, "Reel Images Film & Video Inc." say, "The documentary will delve into the art of the Kansas City style and the subculture that surrounds it; all the while examining the attitudes, personal flair, music of the eras and the personal lives of a few chosen ''steppers.'' "



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Two Steppin 2003:

$10,000 Finals Contest: 18 Dec 2003
Mac's South: June 19, July 17 (2003)
Pete's Place June 25 (2003)
Pearls July 8 (2003)

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