The Big Step Off
Two Steppin Finals - 17 Dec 2005

17 December 2005
Park Place Hotel

Photos, Copyright 2005 Mike Strong

See this contest on KCWE-TV29 - February 12, 2006, 8pm
(cable channel 7, Time Warner)

The finals were being taped for Channel 29 to show in February.
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(Feb 10th note: Channel 29's website schedule only shows "To Be Announced" but a phone call confirmed the scheduled date and time.)

Outside the temperature was bitterly cold with a fresh light snow falling. Inside it was warm with hundreds of people attending the BIG STEP-OFF finals for 2005.

Eight finalist couples competed. Four received prizes totalling $10,000.
First place: $4,000 - Ron Thomas & Khadijah Robinson
Second place: $3,000 - Nathan Mack Sr. & LeAndrea Allen
Third place: $2,000 - Leo Franklin Sr. & Deborah A. Gadson
Fourth place: $1,000 - Kimberly Watson & Carmen McGee

First Place Winners - $4,000
Khadijah Robinson & Ron Thomas

Hosts - Linda Turner and Tony G (Jamz 103)

Proof we are being taped for television - Touching up makeup between shots

2cd Place - $3,000 - Nathan Mack Sr. & LeAndrea Allen

3rd Place - $3,000 - Leo Franklin Sr. & Deborah A. Gadson

4th Place - $1,000 - Kimberly Watson & Carmen McGee

The Finalists

Darrell "Shorty" Johnson & Rita Owens

"2-Steppin" Al Baker & Keisha Baker

Stine Carter & "Reno" Williams

Stephanie Partner & Don Johnson

A little line dancing while waiting for the judges' decision

Two DJ's - DJ "The Cool" and DJ Alvin "Slow Jammin" Stone

twoStpF_0127.jpg - dance judges

twoStpF_0135.jpg - dance judges and host

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