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Dance Moves: photos Copyright © 1997 Mike Strong

The following text is excerpted from the American Ballroom Dance Studio's brochure (that means typo-o's are mine!). There are no contracts. Pay as you go. American Ballroom is owned by Alfie McKie. It is beautifully appointed with nice furniture around a very spacious ballroom floor.

American Ballroom Dance Studio

American's Web Site

Phone/Fax: 913-648-5454
Interior of American Ballroom
3654 W 95th Street, Leawood, KS 66206
North side of the Ranchmart North shopping center at 95th and Mission
The front door is on the west end of the north side, right next to Ranchmart TV.
There is a buzzer next to the door. American Ballroom is downstairs. 


The Dances We Teach (in the "American Style")


Things to Remember

A Note from the Owner