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Amore Dance - Grand Opening at 11800 Quivira

Moving from here after September 2016

Saturday 8 May 2009
11800 Quivira, Overland Park, KS 66213

In the Stoll Park Shopping Center, west end, at the intersection of 119th and Quivira

The new location with temporary sign - This is on the west end of the mall at 119th and Quivira (northwest corner).

This is a great location for Amoré. It is closer to Jessica's home town (and parents) in Olathe, down the road from both Johnson County Community College and KU's Regents Center, in the middle of active traffic zones from shops, bars. Although it has a nice front area it has an even larger, very deep, back area wtih a huge floor space. It also adds another dance studio to the Overland Park area which seems to have accumulated a number of them over the last five to ten years.

Amoré is at the west end of the shopping center area

Flooring pulled and stacked for installation around the corner from the new studio

With regular sign in place

They managed to bring their flooring from the old studio and installed it with any additions just before the opening party, even flying in the flooring guy from Michigan to get it all installed in time. He was there till late the day before making sure it all went down, literally. Even since the studio at 523 Grande Jessica and Tony made one of the most important investments any dance studio can make, they put in suspended wood flooring. That means the floor gives just the right amount to protect knees and to keep you dancing. They use O'Mara sprung floors ( located in Burton, MI.

Memory Lane

Before we get to the newly great studio, a couple of memories. Before the studios there were all those workshops and lessons around the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas. Little by little Jess and Tony built their business. I remember shooting video at the first Grand Prix of swing where they competed but didn't get the prize. Nicole and I looked at each other and we both said, Tony and Jessica should have gotten it. We figured it was because they had just a little too much fun with the dance (it was in West Coast Swing).

During this time Jessica and Tony became certified trainers with the international Zumba organization. Before long either one or both were on the road at various times with Zumba doing performances and training and certification.

Former building Number One - River Market
opened January 2005
  Former building Number Two - Westport
opened 1 April 2006 with parth 15 April 2006

This one at 523 Grand was turned into condos. At the time it was the only downtown dance studio for social dance. Downtown is again without a dance studio for social dance, now that Howard Carney closed his studio at 510 west 5th at the end of May 2010 after two years.

When the owners of the 523 Grand building decided to go for condos the amount they were asking was a multiple of the rent so Jessica and Tony went looking and came up with more space and a good price at 39th and Penn.

Amore was in the southeast corner of the building, shown here as the door on the right. It was like a pocket studio and totally charming with an open lower area and an platform bedroom reached via a winding metal staircase. The morning light was wonderful and the room was intimate. Pictures below.


So, about a year and a third after opening at 523 grand they moved to 39th and Pennsylvania, at the north side of Westport.

This was a much larger space and for better money than the condo would have cost. These were eventful years with an expanding studio business, marriage and a baby. Amoré was located on the top floor, this end with the doors on the other (south) side (south is on the right in the pictured).

This put two studios into the Westport location, Amoré at 39th and Pennsylvania and Bella in the old Pryde Bakery building, long converted into Westport shops and theater.

They expanded the studio and were going to purchase the building, doing improvement work. The owner decided not to sell, so they went looking again, finding the 11800 Quivira location.


Dan and Tiff Swing workshlp (above and below)

Tony and Jessica at 39th and Penn


The Party!

Jessica Witt - co-owner in the front section

Tony Witt, co-owner, leading Zuma Class party

YouTube URL for Video (in case the embedded video doesn't play):

Grand Opening Zuma Video with Tony and Jessica Witt and with special guest Doug Jones from his Ohio studio.
Jones is a ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) and is one of those persons in Zumba videos.
Doug's studio URL is

Opening Zumba

YouTube video URL (in case the embedded video doesn't play):

JoAnne Fluke and Brandon White show the Paso Doble they are working on for competition.

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Amore Dance, 11800 Quivira, Overland Park, KS 66213

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