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"Dear Friend" - Mark Stauffer & Katie Jenkins

"Le calm aprés l'orage" - Mary Marshall & Kristi Vincent Johnson

"Babel" - City in Motion dancers

A Modern Night At The Folly - 2005

Presented by City in Motion

20-21 January 2005
Rehearsal pictures from 20th and 21st
Performance Pictures from: 8pm - 21 Jan 2005
Folly Theater, 12th and Central, Kansas City, MO

Review by Nicole English

Written for UMKC's UNews with an emphasis on those dancers who are in UMKC's dance department.

By Nicole English;

Audiences braved bitter winter winds on Friday, Jan. 21st, in order to attend the City In Motion Dance Theater annual production of "A Modern Night at the Folly", which featured presentations by both UMKC students and faculty. The concert presented a varied program spotlighting the works of 10 different choreographers in the Kansas City area, and featured UMKC works. The concert was actually delayed briefly by the long line of last minute ticket-buyers hoping to see the show.

In the first half of the show, one of the first numbers was "Sida", choreographed by well-known local performer, Tyrone Aiken. Familiar to many for his work as Director of Artistic and Educational Programs for Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey since 1995, Aiken presented an energetic and earthy piece set to drums that seemed to resonate with a primal force. The dance featured Pharaohnic moves and much spinning, highlighted by bright red robes and lighting. The rousing, rhythmic music was recorded by Ibrahim Hamma Dicko (D.J. Spider Mix). This number was quite a crowd pleaser, which sparked considerable applause. This piece featured several UMKC student dancers, including Michell Cox, Anthony DeCarlis, and Latra Wilson.

DeCarlis was quite pleased to be a part of the production and working with Tyrone Aiken.

"It is really a thrill to be here and working with Tyrone Aiken," said DeCarlis. "His dancing is so flawless...and he does SO much for the community...I am very pleased to be a part of his work."

In the second half of the show, several pieces were presented that had ties to UMKC. One of the first pieces after the intermission was titled "Dear Friend", was choreographed by new faculty member, Sabrina Madison-Cannon, and performed by UMKC student dancer (and member of Wylliams/Henry Dance Theatre), Katie Jenkins, to live cello music composed by Bach and played by Mark Stauffer.

This was a sad, dramatic, yet sweetly sentimental piece that was dedicated to the choreographer's friend and mentor, Larry White, who recently passed away after a taxing illness. Madison-Cannon first premiered the piece in the UMKC Fall Choreofest concert held in November of 2004 at PAC. She created the piece to honor her friend and to give her a therapeutic expression for her grief.

The engaging piece held the audience spellbound in silence, as the elegant, yet touching, choreography unfolded. The presentation began with the recitation of text written by Nathan Montoya, another friend of the late Larry White, to be read at the eulogy. The words were edited by Madison-Cannon for the dance, and spoken by the dancer, Katie Jenkins. (Note: Katie is also a dancer with the Wylliams/Henry Dance Company. )

The choreography continued to flow as a small, warm, intimate performance, as the audience was drawn in and the cello eventually began to play. The silence was broken at the end of the performance by loud audience applause

New to UMKC, Madison-Cannon just joined the faculty for the Fall, 2004, semester. Her friend died during her move to Kansas City, leaving her feeling disconnected from her friend's passing.

"I wanted to do something to honor Larry and to help feel more connected to his death, since I was not able to be there," said Madison-Cannon. "I also wanted to do something to help me to heal, as well as give me an outlet for mourning."

She was quite pleased with the performance and the reception by the audience, and was much relieved after the performance was over.

"Oh...I was so nervous about the piece being presented tonight that I was not able to watch the other works in the concert," she lamented, "But after my piece had been safely performed, I really enjoyed the rest of the concert a great deal."

This small, quiet piece was immediately followed by another quiet but dramatically contrasting piece titled, "Le calm apres l'orage (the calm after the storm)", choreographed by M. Suzanne Ryan, and featuring UMKC dancer, Mary Marshall. This high-contrast work was cast in stark illumination of blackness and white spotlights, as dancers performed in gray against a blue-gray backdrop. This piece was beautiful to watch and was reminiscent of the classical works of Martha Graham, Katherine Dunham, and Agnes DeMille.

The concert closed with an ensemble piece presented by dancers of the City in Motion Dance Theater, titled "Stand Up, Sit Down" and choreographed by former Conservatory faculty, Andrea Skowronek. Performed to the music of Radiohead, the dancers flew over the stage in white, long, flowing culotte-gowns that added to the appearance of birds in flight.

The show closed with numerous bows from the different dance companies and choreographers who had participated in the show. The dancers came down from the balconies and the back of the house, where they had been able to watch the other performers. Once the dancers hit the stage, the applause escalated as the audience gave them a standing ovation


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Performance Listing

Trip the Light Fantastic
I: Beltane Walk
II: Seal of Seasons
III: One Inch Rock
Michael Ingle
Marc Bolan and T.Rex
Members of The Bowery Dancers: Ellie Goodie-Averill, Michael Ingle, Kathleen O'Connor, Jeffrey Potter, Christine Scott

Tyrone Aiken
Ibrahim Hamma Dicko (D.J. Spider mix)
Tyrone Aikenl
Members of Centre Dance: Ferrin Caldwell, Michell Cox, Anthony DeCarlis, Remica Funderburk, Margaret Gordon, Leigh Patterson, Charles Randolph, Latra Wilson

Hombre Errante (Wandering Man)
Muriel Cohan and Patrick Suzeau
Gabriela Lena Frank
Based on Peruvian Quechua Native American Poetry, Collected by José Maria Arquadas
Original Lighting
Ann Hause
Susan Rendall
Members of the COHAN/SUZEAU Dance Company: Matt Abbick, Morgan Fogarty, Carly Fox, Ellie Goudie-Averill, Beau Hancock, Holly Harmison, Joames Horton, Amy Hutchings, Michael Ingle, Meggie Sweeney, Jessica Turner
Patrick Suzeau
Text Excerpt
I. My mother was the vicuña of the pampas ...
My father the mountain stag ...
I was born in the nest of the mumming bird
to dry out the day,
to cry out the night ...
always wandering without the rest.

II. Trickster, trickster,
with the wind I have arrived,
with the rain I have come,
with the hail I enter town,
singing, singing, singing!

III. My hair is my pillow,
on my hair I am sleeping.
I cry boood, my crying is not tears. I weep blood.
What will I dream, what pain will I dream?

IV. You will say whether now is the hour to return
Storm of water and of snow.

V. always wandering without rest ...

URL: http://www.cohansuzeau.com
Patrick Suzeau - suzeau@ku.edu
Muriel Cohan -mcohan@ku.edu
Also see KU Dance Online: http://www.dance.ku.edu

Susan Reiger
Johann Sebastian Bach
Sound Design
Terry Moore
Atif Rome
Members of aha! dance theatre: Kimber Andrews, Tracie Davis, Jennifer Otto, Sara Mermis
This piece was inspired by two sources: the movement vocabulary of choreographer Paul Taylor and the workings of a camers, which allows us to adjust the timing and aperture through which we look.

E.E. Balcos
Fritz Kreisler and Sergei Rachmaninov
E.E. Balcos
E.E. Balcos
Donna K. Frogge
Ken Ray Wilemon
Sound Editing
Scott Gregory
Members of City In Motion Dance Theater: Katie Alexander, Maia Cortissoz, Jaenae Egersett, Dale Fellin, Ann Shaughnessy, Andrea Skowronek, Joanna Strom, Stephanie Whittler
Costume assitance from Cottey College, Dance Shoppe

URL: http://www.cityinmotion.org
Email: Regina Compernolle: cityinmotion@aol.com

New School - First Day (work-in-progress; excerpts)
I. Before Shool: Too sick to go?
II. School: On the way - Ho-Hum - Just kidding!
III. After School: A mother's rage
IV. Conclusion
Susan Warder
Meredith Monk
Members of Prairie Wind Dancers: Bridget Bartholome, Whitney Boomer, Malinda Crump, Tuesday Faust, Beau Hancock, Amanda January
Founding Artistic Director - Candi Baker, The Lawrence Arts Center, Domino's Pizza

Dear Friend
Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Johann Sebastian Bach
Nathan Montoya
Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Katie Jenkins, a member of Wylliams/Henry Dance Theatre
Mark Stauffer
To Larry White, a friend and mentor to everyone he touched

Le calm aprés l'orage (the calm after the storm)
M. Suzanne Ryan
Henryk Gorecki
M. Suzanne Ryan
Lisa Hickok, Kristi Vincent Johnson, Mary Marshall, Michelle Pugh
Candle Bearers
Cara Erickson-Park, Travis Fischer, Marisa MacKay, Kelly Marshall, Roshan Paiva
The Culture House Arts Academy,
Reach...a movement collective

I Do
Tuesday K. Faust
Jean-Pierre Bernise Musette Ensemble and Gus Kahn Harry Akst
Tuesday K. Faust
Bridget Bartholome, Malinda Crump
Sterling Holman

Stand Up. Sit Down
Andrea Skowronek
Tasha Rose
Members of City in Motion Dance Theater: Katie Alexander, Maia Cortissoz, Jaenae Egersett, Ann Shaughnessy, Kalen Compernolle

URL: http://www.cityinmotion.org
Email: Regina Compernolle: cityinmotion@aol.com

Intro - Outro
- 30 -


Production Staff

Production Director Beth Byrd-Lonski
Tech director / Lighting Designer John "Moose" Kimball
Stage Manager Cecilia Rog
Folly Tech Director David Tebow
Folly Production Crew Members of IATSE local 31
Photographer Mike Strong
Videographer Nicole English
Program Design Esther Boyd
Printing Services Print Time
Western Blue Print
Caterers Moxie
Special thanks to: Sturges Word, Greg Patterson, Lelain Lorenzen, Todd Simchuck, Metropolitan Community Colleges for our continued partnership, Bryan Colley, W.T. Dittman, Miss Shirley Weaver, Susan Warden, Michael Hogge, The Missouri Arts Council and The Neighborhood Tourism and Development Fund for their continued support, The Greater Kansas City Community Trust and Foundation for their vision, the wonderful Folly Staff, the production staff would like to thank our hard-working board members and volunteers for their inspiring support.


City in Motion Dance Theater is thrilled to present its second annual “A Modern Night at the Folly” at 8:00 on January 21, 2005. This concert builds upon City in Motion’s mission to foster the development of high-quality contemporary dance programming and expand the dance audience in the Kansas City metropolitan region. Since 1985, City in Motion has provided opportunities for developing, as well as experienced choreographers to present their work through the Choreographers’ Showcase at the 700 West Pennway location and most recently the New Dance Series at the Penn Valley Community College Theater. “A Modern Night at the Folly” is a continuation of that tradition!

“A Modern Night at the Folly” furthers the goals of the New Dances Series by inviting some of the best modern dance choreographers in the region to present their current works. This new format will feature works by eleven choreographers Andrea Skowronek, Donna K. Frogge, Susan Rieger, M. Suzanne Ryan, Patrick Suzeau, Tuesday Faust, Susan Warden, E.E. Balcos, Tyrone Aikens, Michael Ingle and Sabrina Madison Cannon.

The City in Motion Dance Company will perform two separate works by Co-Artistic Directors Andrea Skowronek and Donna K. Frogge. The aha! dance theatre will present choreography by their Artistic Director, Susan Rieger. M. Suzanne Ryan will set a piece on Ryanstrati & Co. The Prairie Wind Dancers will perform a piece by their new artistic director, Susan Warden. Both E.E Balcos and Tuesday Faust will be performing their own solos. A member of the Wylliams/Henry Dance Company, Katie Jenkins, will perform a solo, by choreographer Sabrina Madison Cannon. The Cohan/Suzeau Dance Company will perform a piece by their creators Muriel Cohan and Patrick Suzeau. Tyrone Aiken will set a piece to his own Centre Dance.The Bowery Dancers will perform a number by their own Michael Ingle.

This event is partially funded by the Neighborhood Tourism Development Fund and a grant from The Greater Kansas City Community Trust and Foundations. You may reserve tickets by calling the Folly Box Office at 816-474-4444. Ticket prices are $15 in advance, $12 for students and seniors and $18 at the door. The Folly Theater is located at 300 W. 12th Street (12th and Central, downtown) • Kansas City, MO 64105.

For more information about City in Motion and their events, call 816-561-2882, click on URL http://www.cityinmotion.org or email: Regina Compernolle: cityinmotion@aol.com.

City in Motion Dance Theater


Board of Directors
Gary Hearne, President
Andrea Skowronek, Vice-President
Gary Rittenhouse, Secretary
Lillian Francis, Treasurer
Rick Mareske
Brian Hesse
Marbel Mattsson
Beth Murano
Maia Cortissoz
Diane Burnette
Artistic Co-Directors
Andrea Skowronek and Donna K. Frogge
City in Motion Staff
Regina Compernolle, School Director
Children's Dance Theater/
Apprentice Company Director, Andrea Skowronek


Mike Strong 
 722 Walnut #104 
 Kansas City, Mo 64106 



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