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Layla Bint Ali presents

Fusion Fest - Belly Dance Showcase

with Sera Sostice

Saturday 8 May 2010
The Beaumont Club, 44th and Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111

Sera Solstice
Sera Solstice -


JoLynne Martinez
JoLynne Martinez (Inanna)

Amara (Troupe Duende)

Troupe Duende - Calley,Kaleela, Zoria, Amara


M'Chelle deMars

Layla Bint Ali
Layla Bint Ali

Masani -

Nicole English -

Nikoria - Cynthia Fung in front - behind, Barbar, Sharise, Nicole
Nikoria - Barbara, Sharise, Cynthia (front), Nicole

Somra el Nubia
Somra el Nubia

Sera Soltsice
Sera Solstice

Sera Solstice

Sera Solstice

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Fusion Fest 2010 by Layla
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