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Westport area, 70's Disco

Have A Nice Day Cafe

4115 Mill Street, Kansas City, MO, 64111, 816.931.9110
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Montage showing lighted floor, DJ and dancers
High volume, 70's themed  restaurant and nightclub, just above St Louis Bread Company and to the west side of Buzzard Beach (across the parking lot from Stanford's).
Designed as a restaurant and a dance club. The cafe is locally incorporated although they are part of a chain from North Carolina. Open for lunch and dinner as restaurant, and from 9pm to close as a nightclub. Close at 1:30, later at 3am. On Sunday only: no lunch, opens for dinner, then nightclub.
Dance floor is about 15x15, plastic with lights underneath (ala Saturday Night Fever), disco mirror balls above and staff in 70's outfits. 
Dance-Shoes: Plastic floor is a bit "grabby," and has slightly uneven boundarys between the sheets of plastic. Use leather soles; street shoes or characters (best), definitely not chromes (suede soles).