Heartland Dance Festival / and / Kansas City Swing Challenge

Country / Swing: ( Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun October 22-23-24-25 )
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Just so you get the idea of how good this event is, here is what I put on the "front page" Sunday Morning
Get Your Buns Out Here!
Almost no time left if you are not yet here.
This is a once-a-year Kansas City national event. If you ain't here you is missin'
The dancers are magnificent and really let you know what swing and country dancing is about. The dancers are from every corner of the US. Not only are the competitions beautiful to watch but the "everyday" social dancing here is at such a level, ALLLLL over the rooms, that it is an incredibly beautiful swirling mass of constant motion and high energy. You can't get this from pictures (still or moving) or from any descriptions (moving or otherwise). Either you get it or you don't get it. To get it, you truly have to BE here.
Barry Jones and Beata Howe ( ye-e-e-e-a-a-a-H-H-H! BE-E-E-E-E-oughta!) - doing a freestyle swing demo saturday night - could've fried eggs on the floor, it was so hot. I don't even think I'm exaggerating. Beata, with swing, ballet, ballroom, and jazz as background starters for years and years has moves you will never appreciate with a still camera. Not even with 3001 how-to-do-it pictures in sequence - with explanations. Barry Jones, looks to be a good 6'6" with chiseled features and muscles you don't get out of a cereal box (think of a Howie Long and then say, "Howie ain't nearly so special.").  When Jones hits the dance floor that entire floor clears to watch while the gal's friends take pictures.
"Swing Daddy" Mario Robau has more sexy, playful moves suitable for a "G" audience than Playboy has managed in more than forty years for any audience. The sheer beauty of movement is beyond any of the (truly) wonderful jumpin' going on now in the KC clubs. And that ain't putting NOOOOO-body down.
And if you thought two-step meant a dance for someone who can count to two but not beyond - WHOA DERE! - This is where to see the flowing beauty of dance with boots - these aren't street boots either. And Waltz! - I said what? Waltz, lyrical, lyrical waltz. You will want to forget your swing lessons for a while and take waltz lessons.
And these are only a few names. I would try to name everyone but frankly I don't know all the names of everyone and I am not able to give you a good idea of exactly where in the spectrum of dance each of these people reside. So I apologize hugely to the people I am not able to include here. I mean merely to briefly sketch a scene for you.
So... you getting the picture? I hope so because this is a part of Kansas City dancing you really need to be proud of - thanks to Bob and Sara Bahrs (also top dancers) who've now put this on for the sixth year.
The incredibly neat part is that these are not only the top dancers in the country they are also the top instructors in the country. Clear, concise, precise, understandable, reachable. Easy with themselves and with others. That, of course, is why they are at the top.
There are still workshops on Sunday (9am to the last two today at 3pm)
Competitions at 9am, noon, and 1pm
Awards at 4pm
    General (talented, fabulous, social) Dancing - and pizza - in the Swing Room until the wee hours. You will still find many of the best dancers here - those who are leaving Monday rather than tonight.
And here was the event schedule:
  • Country / Swing: ( Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun October 22-23-24-25 )

  • Heartland Dance Festival / and / Kansas City Swing Challenge