Leonard Reed

Leonard Reed Day in Missouri
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Leonard Reed Day in Missouri

Tribute - May 6, 2000 at the Bruce Watkins Cultural Center in Kansas City, Missouri

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Barbara, Leonard and fan

At the autograph table, Barbara, Leonard and fan

Leonard with Myra Taylor, blues singer

Leonard with Myra Taylor, one of Kansas City's premier blues singers. Myra and Leonard go back to 1938 when Leonard hired her for a show in Chicago. Leonard recalled the vocal qualities that led him to hire her for the show.

Leonard at the podium - acceptance bit.

Leonard at the podium - acceptance bit.

Buck O'Neill

Buck O'Neill. Looking through Leonard's album I had seen pictures of Leonard as a player on the Kansas City Blues, a farm team for the New York Yankees but he hadn't mentioned any other associations. What a surprise when on my arrival at Bruce Watkins, Buck O'Neill got out of the car next to mine and entered the building. Then Leonard and Buck greeted each other as back-slappin' buddies from the old, old days. Just one more surprising everyday event in Leonard's life of "everyday" events.

Fayard Nicholas and wife Kathryn Hopkins

Fayard Nicholas and wife Kathryn Hopkins. Both Nicholas brothers, Fayard and Harold, and their wives, were at the tribute. The brothers are tap legends and have a chapter in the book "Tap!" Leonard and the brothers have a long association. (Note: Harold died July 4th, 2000)

Mark Yonally, tap dancer

Mark Yonally, tap dancer from Chicago, performed at the event. Here he is in a solo performance.

Tappet Brothers

The McFadden Brothers. Two of Kansas City's finest tappers were in the audience and were invited up to the stage to jam with the other dancers.

A tap jam

A jam with assembled members of the performace troup and some members from the talented audience. Here Mark Yonally is front and center.

show producer Robert Reed II and performing family

The Reed family (no relation to Leonard). Daughter Robin, Father and show producer Robert Reed II, son Robert III. Robert produces Tap St. Louis (in August).