Leonard Reed

Tap! book and Shim Sham Tape
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The Rusty Frank offerings

Dance teacher and author Rusty Frank offers a video tape teaching you Leonard Reed's Shim Sham Shimmy. She also authored Tap! - a book on the lives of pioneering tap dancers

I recommend both items. They are offered at good prices and are both good values. You can purchase them from her at:

    1. Her website: http://www.SwingshiftOnTap.com/
    2. Direct spot on the page which offers the book and the tape:
      This page also offers other dance items including swing items.

Leonard Reed's Shim Sham Shimmy tape with Rusty Frank. She gives you a good lesson in the Shim Sham and offers some tape of Leonard as well.

Rusty Frank's book on tap dancers. The forward is by Gregory Hines and each chapter is about a dancer or dance team in their own words. Many of the people at Leonard's May 6, 2000 tribute in Kansas City are also featured in the book including Cholly Atkins, Jeni LeGon, and both Nicholas Brothers, Fayard and Harold.

Here is the chapter with Leonard. As you can see it is nicely laid out, cleanly printed, nicely constructed and is well illustrated with wonderful pictures.


You can also get the book at such outlets as Barnes and Noble. That is where I purchased my copy but then (1) I was impatient and (2) a trip to the book store usually goes along with my lunch break. But if your store doesn't have it in stock you know you can get it directly from the author herself at her website.