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Donovan Phillips,  Audio Engineer

5624 Beverly, Rd.
Brooklyn, NY  11203
(718) 629.5900

Donovan Phillips is originally from Channel One Studio, out of Kingston, Jamaica. Donovan specializes in mixing real hard core reggae dance-hall beats. He has both mixed and re-mixed some of Channel One Studio's greatest hits. 

Some of the remixed hits which will once more be hitting the reggae market by storm include: 

  • I Need a Roof by Mighty Diamonds
  • Far East by Barry Brown
  • Woman is Like a Shadow by Meditations
  • M.P.L.A. by The Revolutionaries
Donovan has been working for many years with his uncles, Joe and Earnest Hoo Kim, the owners of Channel One Studio. Donovan decided to use his special sound effect in acoustic, the original reggae sound. Donovan adds his special ideas and flexibility to mixing. He is able to mix using every brand of console to bring out the sound any producer desires. His talent  brings out the best result from arrangement to the final mix down. 

A few of the producers who've been satisfied working with Donovan on major hits include: 
Bunny Lee, Niney, Observer, Joe Joe, Meditations, Mikey Dread from Aswad, Lang, Specialist, along with Sir Tommy and the Ruff Stuff Crew from Brooklyn, NY.

Donovan is currently touring the United States with various reggae bands bringing back the sound of hard-core reggae. At the same time he is stopping by any recording studio when he has the opportunity to do so just to keep the reggae sound alive. 

And many more raw,
heavy-duty dub style,
from back in the 70's
straight into the future reggae sound.

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