Help with date formats

- - For specific dates in month/day/year format :

  • Put each item on a separate line.
  • To add a note to any date or day separate that date/day and its note with a plus sign (+) such as: 11/23/1999+That day's Note Here.
Regular day of the week:

Example: Wed
Example: Sun Wed Fri+free lessons at 10pm
Specific Dates:

Use a numeric format: i.e. mm/dd/yyyy
or an alpha-numeric format i.e. dd mon yyyy :

Example #1 for March 23rd, 1999: 3/23/1999   

Example #2 for March 23rd, 1999: 23 Mar 1999  

Example: 3/23/1999

         15 Apr 1999


Example: 3/23/1999+Music by John's Big Band

         15 Apr 1999+Music by Mary's Merrymakers

         10/20/1999+No music, acapella dancing instead