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39 on Main  (closed)
Live Swing Bands 
3947 Main, Kansas City, MO 64111 
Montage showing dancers at 39 on Main
Monday through Saturday, 9 pm - 1 am.
Swing, jazz, rock, alternative and blues
Live Swing band each Tuesday
 Inferno Swing Club was playing the night of these photos. They are the regular band on swing night.
Dance lessons with Dave Shaughnessey and Joy Moeller. Lessons start at 7:00 with advanced moves at 9:00 and Charleston and other advanced footwork at 10:00.
The dance floor is simply a central area of the main dining room floor which is paved with patio or walkway type flagstones. The flagstones make the footing difficult. They are uneven and not very level. Despite this dedicated swingers show up here Wednesdays. 
The bands are good and on busy nights you may have a problem dancing just because the place is packed. Parking also can be a block away. But good music and good crowd also good food.