Saturday August 14th
Sunday the 15th, 2021

Pilgrim Labyrinth & Butterfly Garden in Hyde Park
at 3701 Gilham, Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Creative Intersections! - 2021

Special Thanks
James Kirby Rogers
Jennifer Owen
Stacy Busch
No Divide KC
Owen Cox Dance Group
Neighborhood Tourism Development Fund
Pat Alexander
Charlotte Street Foundation
Amy Taylor
Kevin Amey
Kansas City Ballet
Amelia McDaniel--The Pilgrim Chapel

Creative Intersections stage crew
Michelle Boutselis
Jeremy Crow
Jason Hester
Danielle Payne


In Program Order:

Creative Intersections

Presented by
Owen/Cox Dance Group & Cameron Thomas

Founded by James Kirby Rogers and Cameron Thomas






Abandon(ed) Ideas

Choreography by Kristopher Estes-Brown
Music: Kristopher Estes-Brown

Dancers: Gavin Abercrombie, Zachary Boresow, Kaleena Burks, Naomi Tanioka

Kaleena Burks
Kaleena Burks




Love Songs (excerpts)

Choreography by Jennifer Owen
Music: Krystle Warren "I worry less" and"Every morning"
String arrangements: Brad Cox
Costumes: Hollie Hermes

Dancers: Josh Bodden, Emily Mushinski, CameronThomas, Laura Jones Wallner





Choreography by Cameron Thomas
Music: Caroline Shaw

Dancers: Angelin Carrant, Roma Catania

Saying what you mean is hard.




Choreography by Sophie Hod
Music: Olafur Arnalds, "Inconsist"

Dancers: George Fuller, Sidney Haefs, Sophie Hod




Choreography by Haley Kostas
Assisted by Anna Boehm
Music: Rival Consoles, "Recovery" and "Memory Arch"

Dancers: Gavin Abercrombie, Zachary Boresow, Naomi Tanioka, Cameron Thomas




Cast Bows

Final bows Saturday, all cast and choreographers:

Final bows Sunday, all cast and choreographers: