University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas

The Department of Theater and Dance


Fall 2019 Concert in the Crafton-Preyer Theater in Murphy Hall

KU Campus, Lawrence, Kansas
Nov 14, 16 and 17

Thursday, Nov 14: Performance 7:30 PM
Saturday, Nov 15: Performance 7:30 PM
Friday (off)
Sunday, Nov 16: Performance 2:30 PM

Link for tickets:

Adults - $25
Children - $10
Senior Citizens - $20
KU Faculty/Staff - $20
KU Students - $15 ($10 if purchased in advance)

KU's University Dance Company

Choreography by
Rebecca Bryant,
Michelle Heffner Hayes,
Jerel Hilding,
James Moreno,
Enid Smith,
Maya Tillman-Rayton

Pre-Performance Studio and Stage Rehearsals



Run Throughs

Getting photo bombed during stage manager's tour for the dancers.
Getting photo bombed during stage manager's tour for the dancers.

Crafton-Preyer Theater - working out the Rebecca Bryant piece
Crafton-Preyer Theater - working out the Rebecca Bryant piece

University Dance Company Program
Text, as scanned and OCR'd from the program.


Choreographer Jerel Hilding
Music Piano Concerto No. 1 by Sergei Prokofiev
Costumes Kelly Vogel and Hanah Glimpse
LIghting Colin Neukirch
Dancers Diana: Grace Josin
Diana's attendant: Annie St. John
Demi-soloist huntresses: AllieThaman, Olivia Pennell
Actaeon: Derrick Ice
Huntresses: Annalee Larsen (Th/Sat), Erinn Bird (Sun),
Grace Stephan (Th/Sat), Tia Carpenter (Sun), Olivia Johnson (Th/Sat),
Taylor Krech (Sun), Taylor Cheek (Th/Sat/Sun)
Deerstalkers: Ray Alaniz, Darian Bruch, Grace DiVilbiss,
Johnny Dinh Phan, Jennifer Egley


Choreographer Enid Smith
Music Home on the Range by Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Gene Takes a Drink by Michael Gordon, Uncertain Instruction by Kerry Leimer. Sound collage created by Timothy Tsang. Field recordings by Andrew Rauhauser
Costumes Kelly Vogel and Hanah Glimpse
Lighting Colin Neukirch
Dancers Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Erinn Bird, Princess De Marco, Grace DiVilbiss, Jenna Espinoza, Alexis Faught, Maya Gold, Taylor Krech, Allie Thaman, Emily Weiss

I'm intrigued by the ordinary. I enjoy combining everyday common sounds and gestures into something special, much as combining dust and sunlight creates a beautiful whirlwind.



Choreographer James Moreno
Music Mountain Call, Model, and Waltz by Alexander Balanescu, Rockaway Beach by The Ramones, Power Drill by Geoff Bennett, Prelude and Fugue in F by Johann Sebastian Bach
Costumes Kelly Vogel and Hanah Glimpse
Lighting Colin Neukirch

Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Claire Buss, Tia Carpenter, Taylor Cheek, Princess De Marco, Ashley Ebner, Jenna Espinoza, Kayla Giebler, Maya Gold, Brooke Howard, Grace Josin, Hannah Kempskie, Alyssa Kendrick, Annalee Larsen, Mira Pawlewicz, Grace Stephan, Allie Thaman, Jillian Tucci, Emily Weiss, Jenna Zywiec



Choreographer Michelle Heffner Hayes - in collaboration with the cast

Uja performed by Tanya Tagaq, written and composed by Tanya Tagaq Gillis, Jesse Zubot, Jean Martin and Michael Edwards, used by permission of Tanya Tagaq, Third Side Music and Six Shooter Records
Humano performed by Lido Maria Pimienta, written and composed by Lido Maria Pimienta, used by permission of Lido Pimienta c/o Peermusic III, Ltd.

Rehearsal Assistant Kimberly Alatorre
Costumes Kelly Vogel and Hanah Glimpse
Lighting Colin Neukirch
Dancers Maya Gold, Daniella Grossman, Derrick Ice, Grace Josin, Annalee Larsen, Madison Meade, Olivia Pennell, Cicely Stevenson, Aneka Voth, Emily Weiss

In recognition of and respect for the work of native and indigenous women artists, this work is in dialogue with the music of Tanya Tagaq (Inuit, Nunavut, Canada) and Lido Pimienta (\Nayuu/Afro-Colombian, based in Toronto, Canada). Their work deals with several themes, from protecting the environment, motherhood, economic survival and human rights abuses. As part of the rehearsal process, the ensemble researched the history and context surrounding the creation of the music. This work included Tagaq's experimental use ofkatajjaq (throat singing), the traditional use of sealskin in Inuit culture (uja is the name of a particular part of the sealskin), the contemporary economic crises in Nunavut and Colombia, and the conditions and prejudice faced by migrants from Latin America and around the world. Tagaq and Pimienta employ art as a catalyst for social change. For more information, please see: culture/2018/mav/23/seal'huntina-throat-sinaina-and-fi^ purpose-of-tanya-taaaa and


It Takes A Village

Choreographer Maya Tillman-Rayton
Music Bag Lady by Erykah Badu, Get Up by Sarz, featuring DJ Tunez and Flash, Don't Jealous Me by Tekno Miles, Yemi Made, Mr. Eazi, and Lord Afrixana, / Been On and Bow Down (Homecoming Live) by Beyonce, Balaya by A-Star
Costumes Kelly Vogel and Hanah Glimpse
Lighting Colin Neukirch
Dancers Ray Alaniz, Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Darian Bruch, Claire Buss, Lauren Clementi, Princess De Marco, Johnny Dinh Phan, Grace DiVilbiss, Jenna Espinoza, Lexee Feuerborn, Maya Gold, Briana Herrington, Brooke Howard, Olivia Johnson, Hannah Kempskie, Alyssa Kendrick, Taylor Krech, Jordyn Manhart, Annie Tripp

This work is based on the all-female Umoja Tribe in Kenya. The elders of the tribe have left patriarchal society to form their own family and economy. This tribe takes in women and children looking to escape physical violence and child marriage. Villagers from surrounding areas are often at odds with the elders and their decision to live differently. When the villagers try to impose the old traditions on the Tribe, these women fight back.
Special Thanks: Tyrone Rayton, Michelle Newcome


two of countless scenarios

Choreographer Rebecca Bryant,
Music Chopping Block and Bulletin Board by Don Nichols, Nocturne, Op. 9, No.2 by Frederic Chopin
Costumes Kelly Vogel & Hanah Glimpse
Lighting Colin Neukirch
Set Spencer Walker
Dancers Claire Buss, Maya Gold, Derrick Ice, Grace Josin, Annalee Larsen, Abbey Ragain, Grace Stephan, Cicely Stevenson, Allie Thaman, Emily Weiss

The development of this piece was generously supported by the Department of Dance at California State University, Long Beach. Original cast members were instrumental in the development of the work.




Annie St. John in Jerel Hilding piece
Annie St. John





Action pictures from UDC cast's action/headshot combination sets

This was one of the times in years (decades) that I've brought in electronic flash to shoot.
This allows low ISO and small apertures with flash speeds of 1/100th seconds.
So, I get to see just how nice the tonal scale and fine detail can be with my camera (Nikon D850).
Normally I start at ISO 3200, f/2.8 and less than 160th second and move the ISO upward from there.

Lexee Feuerborn - from UDC cast headshot / action shot sets
Lexee Feuerborn - from UDC cast headshot / action shot sets

Allie Thaman
Allie Thaman

Claire Buss
Claire Buss

Darian Bruch
Darian Bruch

Maya Gold
Maya Gold

Tia Carpenter - The low ISO (100) and small f-stop gave me an opportunity to see how nice the D850 can be under optimal light conditions (conditions which are very rare for me)
One of the first things I do to check for tonal-scale smoothness and fine detail is to look at a small area of the picture with detail, such as eyelashes.
The low ISO (100) and small f-stop gave me an opportunity to see how nice the D850 can be under optimal light conditions (conditions which are very rare for me).
In this case I also happened to catch my own reflection in Tia Carpenter's pupil.

Here is an example based on the KU template example of what they wanted from me, a square-format headshot with a horizontal-format action shot. Here Lexee Feuerborn.
Here is an example based on the KU template of what they wanted, a square-format headshot with a horizontal-format action shot for each UDC member.
Here Lexee Feuerborn.

Kayla Giebler
Kayla Giebler

Brooke Howard
Brooke Howard

Tia Carpenter
Tia Carpenter

Aneka Voth - headshot/action shot combo for UDC cast
Aneka Voth

University Dance Company
The University Dance Company is a pre-professional performance ensemble accepting members by audition only. Students rehearse approximately four hours a week per piece for three months prior to the performance. University Dance Company concerts feature choreography by faculty members and guest artists in modern, ballet, jazz, tap, flamenco, East Indian and other dance forms.

For more information about UDC:

Raymond Alaniz
Anastasya Bagdasaryan
Erinn Bird
Darian Bruch
Claire Buss
Tia (Victoria) Carpenter
Taylor Cheek
Lauren Clementi
Princess DeMarco
Johnny Dinh Phan
Grace DiVilbiss
Ashley Ebner
Jennifer Egley
Jenna Espinoza
Alexis Faught
Lexee Feuerborn
Kayla Giebler
Maya Gold
Dani (Daniella) Grossman
Bree (Briana) Herrington
Brooke Howard
Derrick Ice
Olivia Johnson
Grace Josin
Hannah Kempskie
Alyssa Kendrick
Taylor Krech
Annalee Larsen
Jordyn Manhart
Madison Meade
Mira Pawlewicz
Olivia Pennell
Abbey Ragain
Annie St. John
Grace Stephan
Cicely Stevenson
Allie Thaman
Annie Tripp
Jillian Tucci
Aneka Voth
Emily Weiss
Jenna Zywiec


Crafton-Preyer Production Staff
Producer - James Moreno
Stage Manager   Kalen Stockton
Technical Director   Alex Weston
Technical Coordinator   Ann Sitzman
Costume Designer   Kelley Vogel
Assistant Costume Designer   Hannah Glimpse
Costume Shop Manager   Jamie R. Urban
Costume Shop Cutter/Draper   Gail Trottier
Lighting Designer   Colin Neukirch
Scenic Designer   Dave Wanner
Assistant Sound manager and Board Operator   Alex Branzaru
Lighting and Projections Supervisor   Kate Smeltzer
Lighting and Projections   Diego Rivera Roderiguez, Daniel Lorentz, Nicole McKinney, Josh McQuade
Scenery and Properties Supervisor   John Rohr
Scenery and Properties   Adam Baughman, Brooke Matthews
Wardrobe and Makeup Supervisor   Lexey Jost
Wardrobe and Makeup   Gabrielle Morris, Ryan Speert
Director of Theatre   Katherine Pryor
Assistant Director of Theatre   Jim Dick
Marketing Coordinator   Lisa Coble-Krings
Graphic Designer   Chris Millspaugh
Photographer and Videographer   Mike Strong
Administration   Dawn Hawkins and Jordyn Manhart
-- Faculty --
Jane Barnette
Henry Bial
Tarrah Bossert
Ashley Brittingham
Dennis Christilles
Janice Craft
Rana Esfandiary
Michelle Heffner Hayes
Jerel Hilding
Laura Kirk
Mechele Leon
James Moreno
Nicole Hodges Persley
Markus Potter
Mark Reaney
Rebecca Rovit
Santiago Manuel Sosa
Andie Stitt
Patrick Suzeau
Maya Tillman-Rayton
Kelly Vogel
Peter Zazzali
-- Guest Artists / Teachers --
Rebecca Bryant
Enid Smith