Fare Thee Well Party 15 July 2022 at Lidia's for

Michael Joy

Michelle, Elaina, Christopher, Michael, Melissa (top) and Monique
Michelle, Elaina, Christopher, Michael, Melissa (top) and Monique

Presented by Monique Pittman-Lui, the Joy Family, Christopher J. Peacock, Elaina Paige Thomas and Melissa Taylor

Farewell Fete, Friday July 15th 2022 7:30-109:30 pm at Lidia's of Kansas City, 101 W 22nd St, Kansas City, MO


Michael Joy has been with Ailey more than 30 years, as dancer and in various Broadway productions. He has been with Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey (KCFAA) more than 20 years, as AileyCamp director since 2002 and Director of artistic and education programs for KCFAA since 2006.

Michael left for North Carolina after this going away party where he will care for his parents and will also take up an academic position in the university.


Lidia's inside - the farewell party was through the doors on the right

Michael and Melissa

Some of Elaine's crew

Paula Lang in front, Elaine Paige-Thomas left

Alan Gray

Elaina, Michael, Monique, Melissa

Michael (right) and Denise

Christopher, Michael, Paula