Waldo Fest - Tap-A-Thon

With Betty Tillotson Studio
209 East Gregory Boulevard

United Dance
310 W. 89th Terrace, KCMO 64114

The Billie Mahoney Dancers

and Lonnie McFadden

Saturday 25 September 2010
75th and Wornall, Kansas City, Missouri

Young dancers gather before the event on Saturday.

All costumed up and ready to tap. A pair of tappers from Tillotson Studio.

It wasn't a "dark and stormy night" at 75th and Waldo but it was a gray and rain-sputtered day outside the tent. Neither cold nor warm, just room comfortable. And all the dancers were eager.

The Tap-A-Thon was brought three tap groups and dancer Lonnie McFadden to the stage for an hour of performance. United Dance brought a tight team of young dancers. The Betty Tillotson studio brought their dancers and the Billie Mahoney Dance Troupe performed with their over-50 group.

The on-again, off-again rain caused some confusion at the start, changing the direction the dancers would be facing on stage so that the audience could sit under the canopy. Betty Tillotson started off with a slightly involved tap lesson. Then the dance groups took turns performing their numbers. Finally they finished with two versions of the Shim Sham. Tillotsons group performed the Leonard Reed version to "Goody Goody" and Billie Mahoney's troupe, with guest Lonnie McFadden, performed the Honey Coles version.

Announcing the numbers, Mike Levitt

Dominique Young with United Dance

United Dance

Betty Tillotson starts the Tap-A-Thon with a tap lesson

Betty Tillotson, Mayor of Waldo for 2010-2011

Jeff Bentley (KCB), Rich Hill and Cindy Bleck

Waiting - Billie Mahoney group

Billie Mahoney Dancers

Lonnie McFadden

Betty Tillotson dancers

Betty Tillotson dancers

United Dance troup with teacher Amber Wening cheering them on (far right)

Lonnie McFadden with young tapper Dante from United Dance

Pre-event happenings on stage

United Dance on tap toes

Billie Mahoney