A Night at the Uptown

3711 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111

24 September 1999

Midtown (Valentine) Area of Kansas City Missouri)

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Pictures of People at a dance and concert location
  • Celeste (top left), Celeste and David (bottom right)
  • Kendra and Alan (top center)
  • Bob and Joy (bottom left and top right)
  • Kevin and Tina (bottom center)

Kevin and Tina won the swing contest that night. The Dave Stephens Swing Band was playing. I got there way late because of other engagements but did manage to get pictures of these people. We were shooting Celeste and David with Bob standing around in one of his many very stylish outfits. So we had to shoot Bob too and just then along came Joy to pose as a "Mol."

The Uptown is a restored theater. Until the end of the 1980's it was an active concert location. As of Fall 1999 it is again in the concert biz. They also have a portable parquet dance floor they can roll out and fit together for the area in front of the stage.