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Dick Clark's
American Bandstand Grill
10975 Metcalf, Overland Park,KS
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Nice dance floor, has an oblong shape of maybe30 x 15 feet with an additional circular platform - good sized for a lounge. 

Normally DJ or recorded music track of oldies - very swingable. The club area opens at 8pm and the DJ begins at 9pm. Floor is in good shape for dance shoes.

On Wednesdays this is the place for DJ Dick Wilson with his "Way-back-wednesdays" show. Come out and join the fun.

Dancers up close
Outside of building Three friends in a buddy shot
On weekends this club is packed like sardines. You will defintely get practice in VERY small patterns, if you can find the room. This is a very popular location.
The restaurant food is excellent with large portions - price in the slightly above medium range. Wednesdays: live band, $4 cover, $2 with dinner receipt, "The Atlantic Express", this is a class band with day jobs!
Overhead picture of dancers