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Straight forward and well structured, Frankie and Shawn also provide a printed handout of workshop notes listing the many and easy variations on the basic step.This is a good group class to attend.
The table below is re-typed from Frankie's poster. You can see the well-structured organization. The same is true in Their classes where each class is well thought out, organized in a simple fashion and progresses by building fancy-looking fourishes on basic building blocks.


Who Should Come

What You'll Learn

Six-count shines, styling and variations 

Workshop Notes 
Friday January 8th
Any swing dancer who wants to improve their basic six count dancing. Tired of just doing a step-step-rock-step?" Not sure what to do with your other arm when dancing?  
Come to this class to learn several dozen different ways of varying and styling your six count dancing, as well as several "shine" moves to really stand out on the dance floor.

Side by side Charleston

Friday January 15th
Swing dancers familiar with 6 count. Hep cats and kittens, here's the perfect way for you to start adding 8-count Lindy Hop moves to your 6-count Swing.  
You'll learn how to properly do a Side by Side (SBS) Charleston, several turns and variations of the SBS Charleston (including the Kick through), and how to get in and out of it from 6-count dancing.

Basic Tandem Charleston

Friday January 22nd
Swing dancers familiar with 6 count You've seen it, you've loved it, now it's time to learn it. In this workshop, you'll learn how to get into and out of a Tandem Charleston position, how to properly do a Tandem Charleston, and various basic turns and spins in the Tandem position. 

Hand to Hand
Face to Face 

Friday January 29th
Swing dancers familiar with 6 count, and able to do a basic 8-count Charleston.  Not just one, but two, 8-Count dance positions -- the Hand to Hand (HTH) and the Face to Face (FTF). You'll learn how to get in and out of each of these positions, as well as several kicks, turns, and variations, including the "Hacksaw."

Beginner street style Lindy Hop

Friday February 5th
Any dancer interested in learning basic Lindy Hop. Lindy Hop ... the original swing dance and still the best ln this workshop, you'll learn the four basic moves of Street Style Lindy Hop: the Jockey, the Swingout, the Lindy Turn, and the Lindy Circle. Get hep to swing the Lindy Hop wayl
All workshops held at DAVEY'S UPTOWN RAMBLER'S CLUB at 3402 Main Street, Kansas City, MO
Cost is $5.00 per person per workshop
No partner required
Check out for area dance info
For more info: (913) 758-0465 or e-mail:

Frankie recently moved to the Kansas City area after 3 years abroad in Europe, where he studied Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, and Rock and Roll dancing during his travels across the continent. He first began swing dancing five years ago and his favorite drink is a Tom Collins. 

Shawn is a Kansas City native who has been active in the KC Swing Dance scene for the last year. She likes Kaluha and Cream.