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Die Lustige Witwe

(The Merry Widow)

An operetta in three acts, Music by Franz Lehar, Libretto by Victor Léon and Leo Stein

Based on the 1861 comedy "L'attaché d'ambassade" by Henri Meilhac
English dialogue by Darren Keith Woods

UMKC Conservatory - December 2012 - Opera Theater
Recorded performances Friday and Saturday to DVD (below)

Directed by Marciem Bazell

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Video format: NTSC Widescreen (16:9)
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Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7:30 p.m.
Sunday 2:30 p.m.
White Recital Hall - James C. Olson Performing Arts Center

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For cast members see these other UMKC Opera videos (for cast only, please) at http://kcdance.com/Opera/Opera_Links.asp

Cast, Crew and Orchestra

DirectorMarciem Bazell
ConductorSteven D. Davis
Assistant ConductorZhang Shao
Chorus MasterMichaella Calzaretta
ChoreographerRonald Tice
Scenic DesignerErin Walley
Properties MasterKristin Yager
Scenic ChargeMisty Pelas
Costume DesignerErica Sword
Wig and Makeup DesignerLauren Hughes
Lighting DesignerMatthew Mitra
Assistant Lighting DesignerKyle Coyer
Vocal CoachesNatalia Rivera
Richard Williams
Rehearsal AccompanistsRichard Jeric
Jonathan Young
Production ManagerBob Beck
Technical DirectorChaz Bell
Master ElectricianDouglas Macur
Production Stage ManagerBlair B. Coppola
Assistant Stage ManagersIvan Dario Cano
Emily Duffin
Hanna GlavariNatalie Lassinger (Thurs., Sat.)
Jenny Beauregard (Fri., Sun.)
ValencienneEllen Hinkle (Thurs., Sat.)
Laura Lowry (Fri., Sun.)
Danilo DanilovitchJoseph DeSota (Thurs., Sat.)
Daniel Welch (Fri., Sun.)
Camille de RosillonBrandon Scott Russell (Thurs., Sat.)
Chad DeMaris (Fri., Sun.)
Baron Mirko ZetaIvo Suarez
NjegusZoe Melcher
Raoul de St. BriocheWill Vestal (Thurs., Sat.)
Patrick McCoy (Fri., Sun.)
Vicomte CascadaAaron Markarian (Thurs., Sat.)
Jared Johnson (Fri., Sun.)
KromowRoyce Strider
Olga KromowAudrey Horn
BogdanowitschChristopher Carbin
Sylviane BogdanowitschAnna Hacker
PritschitschMatthew Scrivner
Praskowia PritschitschLaura Powell
GrisettesLolo, Dodo - Melissa Edwards, Willow Parsons
Jou-Jou, Frou-Frou - Evelyn Wouters, Olivia Lynn
Clo-CIo, Margot - Bethany Unruh, Aurelie Roque
ChorusMelissa Edwards, Olivia Lynn, Caleb Madison, Matthew Marx, Matthew McDowell, Daniel Musgrave, Willow Parsons, Michael Pugh, Bethany Unruh, Andrew Wilson, Vince Woods, Evelyn Wouters
DancersKelsey Crawford, Hannah Forck, Aaron Galang, Kari Hayde, Dalton Heinle, Lexi Panfil, Matthew Redix, Desmond Roach, Emily Rost, Abbie Shadid, Katherine Schneller, Alexandra Wallace
VIOLINFilip Lazovski, Sarah Holmes, Jonathan Eddy, Nathaniel Humphrey, Terris Roberts, Alysse Trusy, Trisha McGovern, Brianna Berth
VIOLAYuan-Yu Weng, Hillary Sametz, Gabrielle Padilla
CELLOJeff Millen, Eman Gallehdari-Chalshotori, James Mitchell
DOUBLE BASSMatt McGrory, Taylor Gwin
FLUTEVirginia Q. Backman, Hillary Rowley-Weiss
OBOEJason Paschall, Jessica Gary
CLARINETJames Westbrook, Nattapon Banjatammanon
BASSOONJames Ryan Morris, Mark Lauer
HORNBrett Hodge, Micaela Barber, Chris Williams, Kris Bishop
TRUMPETCharles Galloway, Grant Smiley
TROMBONEAnthony Rodgers, Nicholas Bell, Erik Augereau
PERCUSSIONSarrah Cantrell, Jacob Wanner, Jack Latta

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