la Boheme, 15, 16 November 2007 - Video Order Sheet

Video by Mike Strong and Nicole English - Copyright 2007 Mike Strong - all rights reserved


Handling the landlord

Everyone comes together

The couples

Pictures are from the Thursday/Saturday Cast (taken on thursday the 15th)

La Boheme

UMKC Conservatory November 2007

For cast members see these other UMKC Opera videos at Opera_Links.asp

NOTE 1: - For the Friday/Sunday cast performance: Because of a tape failure on the tight (close up - CU) camera, the first two acts before intermission are from sunday's performance. On friday at 31-plus minutes a camera warning appeared telling me to eject the tape. None of that first 31 minutes was on the CU tape and the tape itself was wrinkled so I returned sunday to tape that first half again. As a result the friday/sunday cast performance is really part sunday then part friday.

NOTE 2: NTSC and PAL - URL: (for extended information and a list of countries at the bottom)
The video encoding system used in North America is NTSC. This is also used in South Korea and Japan.
PAL is used In many other parts of the world, such as Western Europe , Australia and Eastern South America.
Others such as France and many in eastern Asia use SECAM. This is not available from me.
PAL = Phase Alternating Line
NTSC = National Television System Committee
SECAM = Séquentiel Couleur à Mémoire Sequential Color with Memory

First deliveries within four weeks of the concert. After that, deliveries within two weeks.

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