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Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart

Argentine Tango and Vals Cruzado Workshop

6, 7 and 8 October 2000
Visit: http://planet-tango.com/kc-front.htm  

Valorie Hart and Alberto Paz (top picture on the left) are tango masters. Valorie is from the US and Alberto is originally from Buenos Aires. Until recently they lived in the San Francisco area. They currently make their home in New Orleans where they publish the Argentine Tango magazine El Firulete and run the Planet Tango web site among other things (Please see note at the bottom of the page).


Friday Oct 6: Two workshops getting into the basics: 7pm and 8:30 pm

Saturday Oct 7: The Vals Cruzado: 2pm fundamentals, 4:30 pm right turns, 7pm left turns (EVENING TANGO PARTY 9:30 - 8745 Mission)

Sunday Oct 8: 2 pm fancy dancing on a crowded floor.

Staged at City in Motion Dance Theater at 700 W. Pennway (corner of Pennway and Pennsylvania) in the Tibettan Buddhist Temple (the big old red church building on the corner).

This workshop is brought to you by Tim Meiner (photo on the right)

Information 816.584.8585
Visit: http://planet-tango.com/kc-front.htm

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