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Westport Beach Club

Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111

(in the Westport entertainment district of Kansas City, Missouri)
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Picture of dance location

This montage is from the 4th of August, 2000 Patrick Shannon concert. Patrick Shannon is from New York and bills himself as "El Gringo Merenguer." He is an Irish/American who was number one on the Latin charts during this tour for his newest CD.

An ex-marine (eight years) his band was all-marine. His wife is Puerto Rican and he speaks fluent and rapid-fire Spanish. In conversation he is engaging, sincere and a straight-shooter who clearly works hard and doesn't mess around he is liked both by the women in the audience and the men. He reminds me of the GI's after WWII and after the Korean War that I remember from my childhood. He loves to play music and he loves to go home to his wife.

The Westport BeachClub is part of the Beaumont Club and is just to the north and alongside the Beaumont.It is an area with a large deck, a "berach" house bar area and a large sand "beach" for with a volleyball court alongside.

The dance floor is a 15x15 area of portable flooring laid out on top of the wooden deck. The bandstand is on the west end, against the far railing.

Admissions vary as do the acts. It is all open air so this is a fair-weather club.