510 East 31st Street, Kansas City, MO 641xx, 816.805.8702
Formerly Tony de Pardo's Party House

(31st and Gilham, in the midtown area of Kansas City, Missouri)
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Picture of dance location

This montage is from the 28 Juli 2000 Grupo Niche concert. Grupo Niche is a top Salsa group from Cali, Colombia. The house was full up (even at $35 a ticket) and Grupo Niche put on a terrific show for a cheering, dancing crowd. They were on tour with their latest album "A Golpe de Folklore."

The Monaco is the former Tony de Pardo Party House. Tony (shown in the small inset near the bottom right, above the line of people entering) is 88. He sold the location some years ago. In its heyday, he said, they had 400 to 500 dancers a night. He was there to see his old dance hall again in good use.

The Monaco is shown here being used by MJO Entertainment (website at: for Latin concert/dances. It is available for rental for events. Some of the best talent is brought to Kansas City at this location. At the time of these pictures the Monaco was getting a facelift after having lain dormant for years.

If there is one thing you can be sure of with a Latin crowd it is that they will dance, and darn well, and to some of the hottest most stimulating music on the planet.

They are also liable to have a wide and very nice mix of ages from very young to very old with everyone having a good time.