823 Walnut, Kansas City, MO 64106, 816.421.5949


(Corner of 8th and Walnut in downtown Kansas City, MO)

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Picture of dance location

On the dance floor at the rear of Spark Bar. Hard terrazo surface, large DJ booth, rear bar, overall about 35 feet by 25.

Located in downtown Kansas City, MO, Spark opened in September 2000.

There are two bars, one right in the front, long and a shorter one at the rear, in the dance area.

Along the front area is side seating, then restrooms down the hall followed by a dance area which is lower by several steps.

The walls are painted black and the lighting scheme is dim. Dancers hop and writhe. No patterns. Reminded me of the 70's.

Wednesday through Saturday with happy hour from 4pm Wednesday through Friday.



Corner of 9th and Walnut (front side).

The front bar looking forward.