The Speakeasy

4001 NE Davidson, , Kansas City, MO 641148 - 816.454.7520

(Just north and east of downtown, about 5 minutes, take Parvin Road exit off of I-29 / I-35 just south of where the two split. Head for where Parvin and Davidson intersect and look for the bottom side of the southwest corner of the tan brick office/apartment building at that location)

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Picture of dance location

Shown here on the second monday night swing. Live music. In the top right picture L-R: sax Steve Patkey, owner, swing dancer and singer Pauline Antin, (behind her drummer Mike Shanks), bass Lucky Wesley, keyboardist Bram Wyjnands. Also playing sax, Dave Smith.

The dance floor is about 12x20 checkered vinyl tile on a wood platform. Until 10 pm this is an all ages restaurant. Music is from 8 - 11.

The menu is very reasonable. Appetizers from about $3.50 to $5 and sandwiches from about $3.75 to $5.75. Also desserts and beverages.

The Speakeasy Opened January 14, 2000.