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Swingtime Canteen

Christmas, 1944
American Heartland Theater
Crown Center
Kansas City, MO
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Pictured in all shots above and 
identified from left to right in the top right picture: 
Jennifer Mays, Patty Tiffany, K.J. Johnson
Allison Sneegas Borberg (Jo)
Patty Tiffany (Marian)
Amy Jones (Topeka [conductor] )
K.J. Johnson (Lilly)
Jinnifer Mays (Katie)
Harold Steinhardt on reeds
Daniel O'Brien on horn
Steve Hicks on bass
Direction: Michael Vodde
Associate Musical Direction: Anthony T. Edwards and Amy Jones
Scenic Design: Keith Brumley
Lighting Design: Shane Rowse
Costume Design: Mary Traylor
Set Construction: Design Production Services
Sound Design: Joe Payne
Stage Management: Wiliam J. Christie, Edward Warren
Property Design: William J. Christie
The musical's run is from 6 November 1998 to 10 January 1999.
This is a nostalgic musical with songs from 1944.
The setting is Christmas time, 1944 and the cast play
members of the Hollywood Canteen who've been sent
to entertain troops in wartime London.
For those of you who are dancers, especially swing dancers, 
you might get in on the action for one of the first numbers 
when the "girls of the canteen" head into their audience 
of soldiers (you) to bring up three of the "boys" to 
dance with on stage. No worry, it isn't fancy. Just fun. So volunteer.
Otherwise, not much dancing but nice music and a nice time.
I make that point only because this is a dance web site.
Those of us who are used to dancing all-night through,
even during band breaks, tend to think anything less than full
personal participation in the music (dancing, not watching) is just
not enough. For this one we might just relax and enjoy.